What Title Track “Baby” Means To The Rose’s Mini Album “Void”

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Title track “Baby” plays an important role in shaping The Rose’s first mini album Void. Read more to know why.

The Rose Baby

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Recently, Korean rock band The Rose returned with “Baby”, the title track of their first mini album Void. There are so many hidden features in the track that makes it more than just an emotional track.

Through “Baby”, the speaker vents his frustration about his romantic relationship. He is caught in a limbo stage of being or not being in a relationship. The speaker knows the love has gone cold, but somehow he has difficulties saying the break-up phrase. Solely through this part, it is visible that “Baby” has much more complexity and emotions involved compared to the conventional break-up songs. There is a commitment which the couple still wants to keep, and this adds up to the emotional intensity of this song.

If The Rose’s previous tracks, “Sorry” and “Like We Used To”, can have multiple interpretations, “Baby” has a more clear-cut explanation. The track is only about one’s frustration to maintain the commitment of a relationship that has gone. With that in mind, the music video seems to intensify this track’s emotional intensity.

The music video switches back and forth between The Rose members performing and member Woosung, the music video’s main character. Woosung’s scenes are rather simple. It follows a frustrated, anxious, and angry Woosung in his “relationship”. How realistic Woosung’s scenes are highlight the honesty of The Rose writing “Baby”.

The meaning of “Baby”, both conveyed through the lyrics and music video, is complex. One perspective about “Baby” is somehow related to Robert Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love, citing intimacy, passion, and commitment as components of consummate love. And when only commitment is left, likewise the speaker of “Baby”, the relationship reaches the stage of “empty love”. Hence, the mini album’s name, Void – a much intense word to describe emptiness.


The next recaps of The Rose’s Void – coming soon.

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