3 Career & Relationship Lessons Conveyed In “Forecasting Love And Weather”

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Notching a distinct achievement of balancing the workplace and romance aspects of the series, Forecasting Love And Weather would especially linger to career people.

For its 16-episode run, the series has put varied perspectives of career people sharing a highly-demanding job that does not tolerate constant mistakes. Correspondingly, lessons on career, relationships and marriage were richly focused on.

Forecasting Love and Weather Plot Recap

At the top of her game as director of Team 2 general forecasting unit at Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA), Jin Ha-kyung has her life going well. While preparing for her wedding with her long-time boyfriend Han Ki-jun, she discovers his unfaithfulness resulting in their wedding cancellation.

Ki-jun later marries Chae Yu-jin who previously lived together with Lee Si-woo, a new weather forecaster that joined Ha-kyung’s team. Eventually, they get closer leading to a relationship they agree to not declare in public. That is because of the whole scenario of their ex-lovers being together and they all work in the same office.

However, no matter how strong the emotions they feel for each other, their marriage beliefs oppose. Adding to that are personal concerns that inevitably led them to break up.

Interestingly, their relationship status went viral at the office. Thus, they decide to keep their breakup a secret. Through their parents’ encouraging words, they disregard their love woes and choose to accept they are fated to be with one another.

Probably achieving the most balanced presentation of romance and workplace in a series, Forecasting Love and Weather is consistently enthusing with its display of the characters moving in its set office fictional world.

Correspondingly, the romantic stories assimilate to the plot efficiently. Often, either the workplace or romance fades in this type of genre. Remarkably, the series maintained this aspect in symmetry.

More importantly, the series has left encouraging lessons encompassing facets of life that would encourage not just career people but also the younger generation.

1. There’s no job that will not drive someone to physical and emotional exhaustion.

Featuring the people behind the forecast of South Korea’s weather conditions, Forecasting Love and Weather genuinely displayed how hard the job is for the team. Their pains and sacrifices were rightfully highlighted.

Amidst all the struggles and setbacks, they act like normal humans who go through frustrating moments, but after that, they pick themselves up. Their devotion to their career outweighs the giving-up moments. Considering the weight of their responsibility, the KMA people remind us to feel career burnout as normal as possible. From there, we go back to the happy times and the reasons why we have to do our jobs.

Forecasting Love and Weather wk 7 kdramadiary

2. Marriage perspectives vary from one to another.

Uniquely drawing a workplace love story about two people who became lovers after their respective partners cheated on them, the romance between Ha-kyung and Si-woo brought us to sweetest highs and frustrating indecisive moments.

While they truly love each other, their marriage outlooks differ – and their reasons are both valid. In the end, they settle the score by choosing to compromise and promoting that “dating properly preludes to marriage.”

3. It’s normal to feel frustrated with the filial relationship.

Accordingly, the narrative touches on filial relationships experienced by typical single people. The good and the bad of it. Once the marrying age happens, parents are expected to worry more than their actual children. Like the case of Ha-kyung. It’s fortunate that her mother paved a way for her romance to prosper with someone she can really connect with.

Initially. a deplorable situation for Si-woo, his disappointment with his father also made the viewers despondent as well. Thankfully, he has come to terms to forgive his past discontent toward his father. Having a bigger heart in any situation saves us from any kind of heartbreak.

In case you missed it, catch up on the complete series of Forecasting Love and Weather on Netflix!

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