K-Drama Review: “Hit The Top” Strikes Ruminative Life And Love Lessons With A Cheerful Heart

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Hit the Top seizes an enjoyable comic relief drama with the right mix of bizarre plot and a fantastic cast

Feel-good is the operative word I can think of about Hit the Top. Brimming with humor and zippy characters, I have enjoyed laughter from all kinds of comedic notes injected into the story.

Title: Hit the Top
Distributor: KBS
Theme: Comedy, Youth, Friendship Romance,
Length: 32 Episodes
Broadcast Period: 02 June 2017 – 22 July 2017
Overall Rating: 
Rewatch Value:
Plus Factors:  Amusing Cast, Unprecedented Comedy, Provided Reflective Life Lessons
Oh No Moments:  Unpolished Writing
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The Best Hit

Hit the Top is an amusing drama that does not have anything grand or quaint going on at the time it was airing. But I watched it with all my heart every weekend.  *chuckles

A simple story acted earnestly with the right fusion of comedy and thought-provoking lectures, can wheedle an affecting connection to the viewers. The series has stayed on a positive note all throughout its run. That is why it is such an engaging and comfortable show which will soothe you right after a week-long life debacle.


Hit The Top Quick Plot Recap *Spoiler Alert

Hit the Top narrates the story of a 90’s top idol, Yoo Hyun Jae (Yoon Shi Yoon), who gets transported 20 years after to a new world where his star power is of no use.  At the height of his career, he decides to leave the management company which supported his stardom, and takes off with a big sum of money.

When a storm hits the country, he slips through time and reconnects with the people he was supposed to let go in the past timeline. His manager-friend Lee Kwang Jae (Cha Tae Hyun) eventually learns his odd appearance as he lives at the rooftop with his son Lee Ji Hoon (Kim Min Jae), who is also Hyun Jae’s biological son.

Ji Hoon has been secretly training in an entertainment agency owned by Kwang Jae’s nemesis, Park Young Jae, who used to be the duo partner of Hyun Jae. The villain, whom you won’t even hate that much in the story, secures Hyun Jae’s music composition notebook, which he has used to launch the career of his company’s prized artist MJ (Cha Eun Woo).

Hyun Jae confronts Young Jae about the truth, and the latter has left no choice but succumb to Hyun Jae’s demands.

Romance blossoms between Hyun Jae and Choi Woo Seung (Lee Se Young), who is also liked by Ji Hoon.

The Time-Traveling Idol

With a heavy heart, Hyun Jae takes on an opportunity to go back in his time to make sure that the future for his son will not be compromised. In his quest to find the money he has taken in the past, he finds a check and a letter written a year after he time-jumps, citing an incurable disease that he was diagnosed with.

Hyun Jae connects the puzzle pieces, which explains the top idol’s disappearance.

When a storm resembling the typhoon that propelled Hyun Jae’s time warp is reported to be approaching the country, he takes the opportunity to time travel again, and meet the dying Hyun Jae near the lake where he was reported to have vanished. He urges him to come with him to the present time to get treatment for the illness that does not have a cure in the 90’s, he refused.

Time traveler Hyun Jae successfully returns back to the present time and lives happily ever after with the gang.






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