K-Drama Review: “Lawless Lawyer” Grips Attention With Stellar Cast Portrayal & Direction Bound Storyline

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From the expected solid launch, Lawless Lawyer is every bit as resonant of its polished and thrilling narration down to the last minute.

Consistent to “law-thugs-and-disharmony” mood, Lawless Lawyer keenly navigates to a steady direction where the heroes ultimately reach an edifying redemption.

One unambiguous conflict plus precise hero-villain showdown make Lawless Lawyer a thrilling crime drama that does not suffer with pointless plot insertion and indecisive characters. The airtight narration consistently conforms to the shifting of the plot bends.

Considering the gritty and dark crime setting which it navigates, tvN’s latest offering certainly pitches a drama worth watching.

Title: Lawless Lawyer
Distributor: tvN
Theme: Legal, Action
Length: 16 Episodes
Broadcast Date: 12 May 2018 – 01 July 2018
Main Leads: Lee Jun Ki, Seo Ye Ji, Lee Hye Young
Highlights:  Effective Antagonism, Trajectory Bound Narration
Oh No Moment: Good For First Serving
Overall Rating:  
Re-watch Value:  
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Lawless Lawyer


Trajectory Bound Narration

Lawless Lawyer superbly reels viewers with its clear presentation of its orbit and complications. It whirls on the standard good-versus-evil note as it maneuvers on the justice-seeking-driven sojourn of a man, intent to claim reparation over his mother’s unfortunate death.

The hinted focal conflict excites, while the unveiling of character flaws and motivations is stimulating. The lead couple is picture-perfect with their fired-up performances that fleetingly flirts with a bit of romantic notes, but ultimately highlighting their individual strengths. The showdown to the shrewd villains propels constant anticipation on what movements and counter-attacks the opposing characters might have prepared for each other.

Lawless Lawyer has set a proper story goal when it kicked off. From there, it neatly unraveled the back stories needed to resolve the main conflict, with stellar icy verbal spats of the disputing characters.

Neat Character Sketching

The gripping journey of the heroes to serve unfortunate fates to the villains of the story steadily moves in equilibrium. The outwitting game with shady manipulations is presented to cohere with the characters’ end games.

The formidable opponents have made the viewers root for satiating conclusion, given the painstaking journey of the protagonists.

Staying true to their evil core without redemption, the villains dauntlessly picture a life lesson on how disheartening people can still be remorseless in the face of their atrocities.

For the loyal Lee Jun Ki fans, it will be a precious small screen gift. As always, he delivers by making his role a mixture of defiant and savvy hero. As an actress who can easily handle serious roles, Seo Ye Ji slips in to her daring attitude with confidence. Her natural humor blends well to Lee’s equally delightful comic moments. Ergo validating the range of her acting skills which continuously grows on from the projects she has accomplished.


Good On First Serving

While everything is excellent for Lawless Lawyer, it joins the type of drama that you won’t be watching as a yearly tradition or when you have bad days.

The easy to digest and accurate confrontation to the discords raised in the narrative give viewers that satisfying closure and easy recall of the events. It is an experience that would not warrant a future craving to watch Bong Sang Pil’s tale again for the sane reason that you would easily memorize what happened in the drama.


Lawless Lawyer


Lawless Lawyer heads to a sane and simple trajectory. The approach to bank on the powerhouse cast in terms of trusted acting prowess pays off to reach a fulfilling culmination.

The attention to whirl within the borders of its courtroom premise is made more clear-cut owing to the well-utilized cast and facile story thread of crime and its deserving punishment.

If you like hero-centric stories with the right mixture of drama and action, Lawless Lawyer Lee Jun Ki will be happy to serve you.

abbyinhallyuland watched the full series of Lawless Lawyer on VIU.

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