K-Drama Mid-Series Check: “Miss Hammurabi” Solidifies Spirited Characters & Storyline

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Miss Hammurabi flows thought-provoking life lessons, that it’s impossible not to look forward to its chapters each week.

A month of engaging civil cases and character relationship developments is sufficient enough to tune in the happy endings set in the horizon for jTBC’s courtroom series Miss Hammurabi.

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Miss Hammurabi

Nicely blended energy of the cast tackling civil cases was the first impression we had for Miss Hammurabi.

From trivial to impossible local discords, the lead judges of Civil Case Department 44 amuse – with how their personalities and principles collide in the rulings tasked on their team.

The main love line between Judge Ba Reun (Kim Myung Soo) and Judge Oh Reum (Go A Ra) is yet to make a distinct cut, but we like the reversal of the hero chasing the possibility of his first love turning to “true love” towards the vibrantly portrayed lead girl.

Sung Dong Il, as expected, stabilizes the humor with the help of the mischievous performances of supporting actors Ryu Duk Hwan and Lee Elijah.

Miss Hammurabi

Each week promises new cases with life pep talks to be pondered by the audience. The cases involved are relatable disputes that most people would have heard of happening with someone they know, or even experienced it first hand. That is why, maybe, it has been running on an engaging note.

From gender roles, family ties, workplace discrimination; a myriad of prevalent societal issues have been filling in the well-written narrative of Miss Hammurabi.

Miss Hammurabi

At midpoint, it also begins to layer the character growth of the courtroom judges, who have to make life-affecting decisions for people, who needed mediation on concerns they raised, when they also have personal battles to tackle on.

We look forward to more doses of case-solving chapters in the next four weeks as well as some romance fulfillment for the ultimate fan service.

Miss Hammurabi will hit its finale episode on July 16 via jTBC.

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