K-Drama Time Machine: “A Gentleman’s Dignity” Strides Strikingly Through Its Highly-Addicting Bromance Meter

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In 2012, the middle-aged F4 from Kim Eun Sook penned series, A Gentleman’s Dignity, swept the hearts of K-Drama fans with their engrossing love stories.

From the production team that brought Secret Garden, City Hall and Lovers in Paris comes an addictive, relationship contemplating rom-com in a Sex and the City male version vibe. The quirky cast and the quaint story drew groupie members of the best middle-aged-hotties that graced the K-dramaland.

A Gentleman's Dignity

Title: A Gentleman’s Dignity
Network: SBS
Theme: Romance, Comedy
Length: 20 episodes
Broadcast Date: 26 May 2012 – 12 Aug 2012
Main Leads: Jang Dong Gun | Kim Ha Neul | Kim Min Jung | Yoon Se Ah | Yoon Jin Yi | Lee Jong Hyuk | Kim Su Ro | Lee Jung Nan |
Highlights: Clever Script | Solid Cast Portrayal | Thought-Provoking Narrative | Endearing Love Tales
Overall Rating:
Re-watch Value:
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A Gentleman's Dignity

The urban set A Gentleman’s Dignity narrates the stories of men in their 40’s who grew up as friends since Highschool and nurtured their friendship since then. The morning breakfast forums, the hilarious anecdotes, the sweet love declarations, the pleading love-believe-me’s, and the bromantic I-got-your-back-bro are some of the reasons why it is a classic must-watch Korean series.


Smartly written with humor overload

Featuring four faces of real relationships, viewers can relate to the love pairings. Surviving a feisty wife and enduring a one-sided romance; the other two stories feature mischievous-may-december-love-affair, and now-we-break-up-tomorrow-we’ll-get-back relationship.

Every episode is wrapped with comical notes and witty situations. The writing also invested effort to make each character own his glorious moment.

Additionally, the series brims with thought-provoking lines about relationship apprehensions. It relays realistic keypoints to why love can never be used as a leverage to marriage. Because “love” itself is the soul of life-long commitment.

A Gentleman's Dignity

Four Engrossing Love Stories

Never a dull instance when the four male leads do their antics. Admirably, when they are required to tap on their emotions, they deliver efficiently.

The female leads have played their parts as well complementing the different personas of the four male leads.

Kim Do Jin & So Yi Soo

The smooth womanizer who vowed not to be married because he can’t love only one woman in his life met his match alongside two declarations of love that were not meant for him. Do Jin is a classic example of an alpha-playboy who can assess when he is needed to be a knight in a shining armor.

Later, he confronts the reality that the rule he set is no match when true love knocks in bold letters. His one-sided love eventually turned two-sided. Yi Soo and Do Jin present a fetching tale and a reminder that love just happens, and it will change you and your life overnight.

Choi Yoon and Im Me Ah Ri

The you-and-me-against-my-brother-who-is-your-bestfriend love affair is worth the wait when they eventually claimed what’s rightfully theirs. It may seem a long ride and if not for Me Ah Ri’s persistent and lovable bratty princess attitude, the designed love story for them maybe nauseating.

But what made their tandem charming is her non-restrained “i-love-you-you-belong-to-me” conviction which inescapably warmed up the cold widow. In slow-burning love, patience is a must-needed requirement.

Lee Jung Rok and Park Min Sook

Witnessing the eccentric relationship of this husband-and-wife in the series makes easy to pick them as your favorite. The playboy-of-them-all, who occasionally hides his wedding ring when there’s a hot girl in a 5-meter radius, draws laughter spree whenever he faces his wife who is frequently in a My-Wife-is-a-Gangster mode.

Jung Rok is the source of the majority of humor zest in this drama and how his friends would cover up for his womanizing was so fun to watch. Wishing for more of their marriage cute quarrels is expected as they made the most out of their screen time to be remembered well.

Im Tae San and Hong Se Ra

Tae San is your typical good boy playboy. He plays, but he knows when to stop. He is ever reliable, nice and protective. His relationship with a woman who is afraid of settling down and their love fights along the way sheds light to what most middle-age relationship is. Either leading to marriage or forever single life.

Their love pairing solidifies the main love plot, in fact the characters they played are the tying knot of the drama.

Humbling and realistic narrative

A Gentleman’s Dignity takes pride of its cast. It achieved a chemistry that was able to sustain and balance four love stories tied by love and friendship. Picking a favorite from one of the four is useless. You eventually become greedy to choose the whole set.

Triumphantly realistic, the series is characterized by unpretentious romance that have been made believable by its flaws. An urban set drama should be supported by pragmatic events. Scenarios that can happen to anyone and problems that can be solved by perceptible answers.

Armed with those elements, the series banked on its strength. Thus, inducing an engrossing following for audience who genuinely felt the intention to present the facets of relationships. Regardless if sensible or not; whether it could be mentally tormenting or emotionally liberating.

A Gentleman's Dignity

Series Afterthoughts

From a woman’s perspective, I never thought I would enjoy A Gentleman’s Dignity so much. Evidently, Jang Dong Gun is the main attraction among the boys. However, having them all together is one of the strongest points of the drama. All four of them are big piles of mirth and love.

They say life begins at 40, and these men who were friends since Highschool rocked it. Having their own stable lives, they have to balance personal, family and relationship issues while maintaining the best bromance ever.

The conflicts mainly focused on finding and keeping love. Do jin and Yi Soo depict how sweet a one-sided love can be when it is reciprocated. Yoon and Me Ah Ri defy friendship and age to prove they deserve each other. Tae San and Se Ra had a rough ride before they finally realized they belong to each other. Jung Rok and Min Sook defeat jealousies and discover that sometimes love is lost so you can find it again.

A Gentleman's Dignity


The 20 chapters spent with A Gentleman’s Dignity is definitely gratifying. The story and the characters have such reverberating resonance that makes one ruminate. It particularly tugs on dealing with relationship and commitment issues.

Come to think of it, it is even made in a way that you remember how vulnerable and defiant you become because of love failures. At the same time, it encourages on how love, when sought with sincerity, gives a meaningful life.

Memorable Quotes

If you’re not going to sleep with me, don’t flirt.

You do not bait a fish that was already caught.

You forget a man, with another man.

A break-up done for another person does not make sense to the person who loved more.

By nature, a man’s first love is always beautiful.

Do you know what words a man can’t say after “iloveyou”?  “I’m sorry.”

Why don’t you let your emotions lead you?  Or the alcohol lead you… or let me lead you?

Do you know how it feels to have someone yesterday and then “you wish you have her” the next day?