K-Drama Review: “Catch The Ghost” Is A Delightful Mix Of Mystery, Comedy, Action And Romance

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Catch The Ghost Takes The Viewers On An Entertainment Filled Ride

Maintaining a consistent suspense throughout the series, Catch The Ghost delves on the life of a group of subway police officers and the cases they handle everyday. The drama touches on how a crime impacts heavily the ordinary lives of the people.

Catch The Ghost

Title: Catch The Ghost
Network: tvN
Theme: Crime, Suspense, Romance
Length: 32 Episodes
Broadcast Date: 21 October 2019 to 10 December 2019
Main Leads: Moon Geun Young, Kim Sun Ho, Jung Eugene, Ki Do Hoon, Jo Jae Yun, and An Seung Yoon
Highlights: Cute chemistry between the main leads, Adorable male lead and likable cast members, Unpredictable plot and interesting subway crime cases
Overall Rating:
Re-watch Value:
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Catch the Ghost is Moon Geun Young’s first drama after a long hiatus, and the wait was definitely worth it. Everything from the main plot to the characterization are perfect. Along with interesting crime cases, the drama also delves upon the emotional aspects of the people involved in the cases.

Quick Plot Summary

The plot revolves around the Subway Police Department. Yoo Ryung is a passionate police officer who would expend all her energy in ensuring that justice prevails. She has special space perception ability and uses that ability in solving subway crimes.

Ko Ji Seok is Yoo Ryung’s partner detective who is a man of principles. He often has to clean up the mess caused by Yoo Ryung. Together the duo work together in solving various subway crimes.


Cute chemistry between the main leads

The main leads were compatible as work partners as well as each others’ love interests. They both were so different yet so similar. While Ko Ji Seok was a man who follows rules and protocols, Yoo Ryung’s main motive was to ensure the case is solved regardless of the process. Because of their different goals they always clash, but Ko Ji Seok gave in every time.

In spite of their differences the duo worked well together and also grow to have mutual respect for each other. Though there wasn’t much romance, there was an overabundance of fluff. Especially, when Yoo Ryung wanted to change partners because she didn’t want him trouble. But Ji Seok misunderstood and thought she hated him and would not let her go.

The back story of both characters gave a depth on why they chose to work as subway police officers. It also showed how they were in fact similar. Yoo Ryung’s motive was to find her missing twin sister who is her only family which explains why she wass reckless. On the other hand, Ji Seok had to look after his sick mother which was the reason why he avoided trouble. But because he knew how the responsibility of taking care of someone who was dependent felt, he understood Yoo Ryung.

The confession scene was completely off-guard but absolute gold. It was awkward yet so sweet and fluffy.

Adorable male lead and likable cast members

Each of the characters in the drama was fun to watch especially the Subway Team. The male lead wass everything that one can ask for. Ko Ji Seok was a lovable son who sacrificed a lot in order to take care of his sick mother suffering from dementia. He gave up on his first love because he thought he would not be good enough for her after sacrificing his career. Also, him dressing up as his father to keep his mother happy was so endearing.

Yoo Ryung’s persistence was one of her greatest assets. Though she had her stupid moments like lying to Ji Seok and going to the tunnel alone, there were aspects to her that makes her an ideal police woman. Other than the main pair, Lee Man Jin and Kang Soo Ho made a perfect pair. Their additional commentary whenever Yoo Ryung did something added to the humor.

Ha Ma Ri was a character who came off as rude but in reality, she was logical. Her backstory threw some light on her true personality. Never being acknowledged by her successful mother, she always had insecurities. That got worsened after her split with Ji Seok who never told her the reason for breaking up with her.

Though Woo Hyeok did not have that much screen time with Yoo Ryung, the way he unabashedly declares his interest in Yoo Ryung is totally worth watching.

Unpredictable plot and interesting subway crime cases

Until towards the end, it was difficult to deduce what is going to happen next. The Subway Ghost was a mysterious entity who felt like someone that is impossible to exist. The journey of the Subway Department started from their need to catch a bunch of pickpockets known as Grasshoppers which transformed into a much bigger case i.e. to catch the Subway’s Ghost who was a murderer.

Whenever Yoo Ryung ventured alone inside the forbidden tunnel, it gets scarier ten-fold. The tunnel is a big mystery that held many secrets underneath. Though the main premise of the drama was to catch the subway murderer known as the Subway’s Ghost, there were many smaller cases in between which the main characters worked upon. Each of the cases was smartly written, further enhanced with the addition of human emotions.

The cases gave a perspective on each of the individuals lives and their stories. There was a woman who is more scared of being left alone that she would endure constant physical abuse from her partner. On the other hand, there were rape victims who refrained from speaking out because of the stigma that exists in society. Another case showed a man who got trapped in doing a loan shark’s bidding because of overbearing debt. While in another – an old delivery man gets involved in a drug case.

And the most riveting case was the incident that started it all; the death of a small girl who died in a subway accident because of the surrounding people’s lack of apathy. All these cases send out the message that the police holds such great responsibility because each of their small actions can impact a person’s life.


There was absolutely no flaws with Catch The Ghost except for some of the illogical occurrences which can be ignored as it gets foreshadowed by the charismatic acting of the characters. Moon Geun Young absolutely shone as Yoo Ryung which made the audience empathize with her character even more.

What was good about the drama is that the focus was more on the crime cases. Though the drama paid attention on the characters’ personal lives, it did not shift attention from the main narrative of the story. The humor too was there, but did not overtake the seriousness of the crime cases.

Catch The Ghost gave a perspective on how important the role of the police officers are as their simple negligence might end up ruining people’s lives. For anyone, looking for a drama with a good crime drama that has lighter tones paired with interesting characters Catch The Ghost is the perfect drama.

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