K-Drama Review: “Crash Landing On You” Heartens With Fond Memories & Heart-Fluttering Romance

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Sweet as true love, Crash Landing on You gives all the reasons why viewers would ask for a can-we-have-more-episodes plead!

As rom-com stories emerged to have become synonymous to Korean dramas, Crash Landing On You aimed to utilize the same formula to endear the audience. Successfully doing so, its 16-episode run drifted to become an endearing weekly gift to its followers.

Crash Landing on You

Title: Crash Landing On You
Network: tvN | Streamed on Netflix
Theme: Romance, Comedy
Length: 16 Episodes
Broadcast Date: – 16 Feb 2020
Main Leads: Son Ye Jin, Hyun Bin, Kim Jung Hyun & Seo Ji Hye
Highlights: Superb Saccharine Moments, Engaging On-Screen Love Pairing, Well-Utilized Cast, Cute Cameos
Overall Rating:
Re-watch Value:
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Crash Landing On You

Overcoming the expected romantic comedy cliches is not easy. But, the series ensured not to waste every episode by bringing the best flavors of its story through its amazing cast. In this adorable you-and-me-against-our-separated-nations story, messages about self worth and love overflow. That it is impossible not to be reeled in to root for the impossible love to happen for Ri Jung Hyuk and Yoon Se Ri.

Validating its euphoric run are impressive numbers accumulated in each chapter. Crash Landing On You joins the group of saccharine K-Drama favorites that would convert a nube spectator into discovering how the life of K-Drama fans are not that bad at all. *wink

Crash Landing on You

Quick Plot Roundup

Born to a rich household, Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) has estranged herself from her family and put up a business on her own. The highly-successful fashion business – “Seri’s Choice”, has notoriety similar to its trendsetter owner, who is often embroiled in dating scandals. Acknowledged by her father, she prepares to take over the family business. However, when she tests on her business’ new product by paragliding, she drifts to North Korean soil.

Leading the troop covering North Korean demarcation line, Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) chances upon Se Ri suspended in the air with her paragliding craft trapped on the treetops. After learning that her presence would aggravate the situations of the captain and his crew, she uses it to bargain for them work in helping her sneak out of the country.

Slowly but surely, romance evolves between Se Ri and Jung Hyuk. However, the truth that they are separated by Korean borders tests how their love can be enduring.


(10 Beautiful Things About Crash Landing On You)

1. Endearing Narrative

Peppered with romantic moments and comical inserts, Crash Landing on You hooks naturally through its lively storytelling. It brought the audience to connect with Jung Hyuk and Se Ri’s characters like how fate brought them together in the forest. The love tale enchantingly lingers triggering an intoxicating impulse for its followers to stay from premiere up to its last episode.

The story of a South Korean heiress who falls in love with a North Korean elite army captain speaks usual rom-com prototype. But, the clever writing and execution of the scenes are embellished with on point portrayals from its efficient cast.

Depicting a fetching love development between Jung Hyuk and Se Ri is as fulfilling when their romance crosses border to Se Ri’s Turf. In a way, it felt like an amalgamation of the old genuine romantic interlude and modern brave owning of mutual love.

In North Korea, Se Ri and Jung Hyuk cruises to memorable moments: tying up Seri’s hair, riding bike together, and making the best memories because of a disrupted train travel.

Moving to South Korea, the love pairing draw future plans and savor the borrowed time to make sure they get enough memories to get by when they miss each other because of the ineludible border-induced separation.

Swiftly moving to an upbeat pace, the streaming movement of the story delights from its solid beginning up to its final episode. Even the epilogues are source of smiles and laughter for viewers to rave on.

Crash Landing on You

2. Characters to dote on

Distinctly sketching the people moving in the story, the rendering of two Koreas are clearly portrayed credit to the strong main and supporting characters. Even those with small roles, any viewer can easily make a description of his function owing to the proper presentation of their roles. Be it the North Korean sales girl or the South Korean assistants of Se Ri. We can easily associate the characters to their scenes.

Moreover, Captain Ri’s subordinates have fascinating individual stories and characteristics. But, collectively marking them as one is unavoidable. Displaying a unique brotherhood and loyalty, they remind us that we have our own “special people”, whom we would be willing to take the good and bad times with.

On that note, North Korean ajummas presented us the same faithful sisterhood message. Meeting a circle of friends who got your back is a gift… always.

Delineating that not all families are perfect, Se Ri’s family gave us a look on a dysfunctional family. That ties can be broken for good within a family. At the same time patching up estranged relationship needs two willing parties to forgive beyond doubt.

As the main villain, Jo Chul Kang (Oh Man Suk) projects atrocious and remorseless attitude that is not something to be picked up. Nonetheless, it is a reminder that bad choices never lead to a glorious outcome.

To achieve a balance cast utilization, proper spacing of scenes that neatly tied up to the flow of the story is needed. A feat notched admirably in the series.

3. Stunning Cinematography & Engaging Music

In charge of the scenic Switzerland shots and picturesque South and North Korean vistas is Dexter Studios. While we bask on the romance and comedy, Crash Landing on You smoothly unleashed our inner wanderlust.

Developing attachment to the quaint beauty of the North Korean village setting is expected. Revealing the North Korea’s antiquated way of living draws the initial charm of the narrative owing to the vibrantly portrayed North Korean cast members.

Having an idea of what North Korea neighborhood has been one of the integral part of the series. That is mostly because the contrast it created to South Korea established how the romance evolve and how the characters developed in the series.

Boasting a solid OST lineup, the music that enveloped the poignant scenes in the drama made the best moments more heartfelt and memorable.

Renowned Korean music artists such as Yoon Mi Rae, Baek Ye Rin, 10cm and IU have contributed their voices to make the moments shine even more.

4. Heartfelt Romantic Lines

Creating a fated encounter as the driving point of its story, Crash Landing On You billows to a strong narrative. It is made even more beautiful by its encouraging messages on love and friendship. Among the long list of mushy and awww-inducing lines, I particularly like the simple but heartwarming line of Captain Ri in the finale episode.

“You came into my life like a gift. I am thankful for that,” Captain Ri said. His love story with Se Ri threads on the premise that love happens unexpectedly. It retrospects on how we succumb to change and adjust for the person we keep in hearts dearly.

At the same time, the line from Gu Seung Jun saying how he wanted to become a better person for meeting such an amazing woman is another defining moment in the series.

He also mentioned a reality-biting nudge about love inhibitions that the closure of his character is heartbreaking.

“”It’s not good to drag with someone or something for a long time.” Who wouldn’t want to give Dan a group hug?

Ultimately, all paths lead to Se Ri and Jung Hyuk’s love fulfillment settling to a neutral and spectacular country that matches their dazzling love story.

After a trainwreck of emotions, we’re finally here. Please tell me this ending wasn’t just a dream. ?

Posted by Netflix on Sunday, 16 February 2020

5. Well-contrived Conflict

Setting up the problem that runs in the duration of the series, the audience have been made aware of how the crux of the impossible love between Jung Hyuk and Se Ri will hurt at some point. Thus, we love how the writing endows with ample heart-fluttering moments and funny scenes to cushion the harrowing frames in the waning part of the series.

Based on its standard mood, it is easy for the conflict to mar the series. K-Drama history also proves that the typical problem supported by sensible trajectory or strong on-screen love chemistry between the main leads often warrants a rom-com favorite badge.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin owned their roles well down to the smallest details. But, the overall make of Crash Landing on You, including the technical and creative aspects, made it such an engrossing watch.

6. Quirky Cameos & Epilogues

From Ha Suk Jin who played Mu Hyuk hyung; Jung Kyung Ho who endured a heartache because of girl crush Se Ri; Park Sung Woong who drove Seung Jun through his taxi; Kim Soo Hyun who brought his Secretly Greatly character to guide NoKor boys; Choi Ji Woo who delighted the best K-Drama fan ever (next to our team), these special appearances adorned the already enticing series.

Apart from cameos, the hilarious and ahhh-that’s-what-it-means-realizations highlighted in the epilogues sealed each chapters neatly. There has been no wasted episode in Crash Landing You. It managed to keep its addicting drive thanks to its well-paced story.

7. NoKor Boys

Providing zest and comic tones, Captain Ri’s minions have individual stand out moments, as well as, notable great ones as a unit. Blending to the bizarre South Korean woman they met unexpectedly, they acclimatize to a new Se Ri influenced culture, just as they had changed her perspective to celebrate small joys.

Pyo Chi Soo (Yang Kyung Won) constantly amuses to his firm ground of not being swayed to the idea of capitalism. Yet, he subconsciously reacts otherwise when he got a taste of it.

Pretty boy Park Kwang Bum (Lee Shin Young) attracts attention and makes the frames with Hyun Bin a feast to women’s eyes.

Analyzing South Korean behavior through his K-Drama literacy, Kim Joo Muk (Yoon Soo Bin) cheers up the story bends whenever his expertise is highlighted.

Innocent Geum Eun Dong (Tang Joon Sang) wins our hearts with his kind heart. Too kind that he believes the jokes his older brothers throw at him.

Lastly, master bugger Jung Man Bok (Kim Young Min), inspires with his bravery to make things right. His eavesdropping 101 class has had us sympathize to his difficult life.

In good and bad times, North Korean boys are united to conspire and survives even the most arduous scrutiny.

Crash Landing on You

8. Seo Dan & Seung Jun

Despite not achieving a happy ending, Dan and Seung Jun’s love tale is equally captivating as the story’s main leads. Both discover the love they deserve. Unfortunately, it can only be fleeting.

A minute sad detail that I wish I can overlook. But it really disheartens since like any other fan, it would have been nice to have a complete happy ending for everyone in the drama.

Nevertheless, the second leads expound on the idea of always opting to give and receive worthy love. The kind of love that is mutual and willing to grow each day.

Crash Landing on you

9. Yoon Se Ri

Suiting up as the quick-witted female lead, Son Ye Jin and her impeccable connection with Hyun Bin stirs the beauty of the series. Half amazing and half vulnerable, she presents a resonating journey. That leads her to find love and reconnect with her family.

Never wavering, the love she shared with Jung Hyuk gently simmers. Inescapably reaching a blissful point that couldn’t possibly get any more blissful. She tips us of how smelling the roses does not take much time in building a career and making quality memories with her loved ones.

10. Ri Jung Hyuk

Matching his remarkable on-screen partner, Hyun Bin leaves almost no retreat routes for women not to fall for him. His doting moments on Se Ri spring unanimous wish for its female fans to be reincarnated as Son Ye Jin.

Impressive on nailing the heart-fluttering scenes, his emotion-filled frames solidifies why he holds the “ultimate k-drama oppa” fame.

All those times he fawned over Se Ri – from breaking the highest level of over protectiveness to the digital future text messages he sent to cheer her up; and the liplock frames – are truly not bound to happen in real life. But, the sight of watching those scenes are such an encouragement to believe in love again.

Crash Landing on You

Series Afterthoughts

Always a tad too sweet in every episode, Crash Landing On You effortlessly enamored the audience with its captivating drama experience. It edged out Goblin in nicking the highest-rated episode in tvN’s history at 21.68% national viewership rating. It proves how its loyal following spent time to support and with a stellar send off.

Given how rom-com stories often take the bulk of K-Drama lineup each year, it is massive feat to create one that would simultaneously garner online raves while scoring impressive viewership numbers.

Crash Landing On You is an addicting series that easily makes someone feel good. Brimming with saccharine treats, there has been no dull moment happily witnessing how love blooms between a South Korean heiress and a North Korean elite army captain.

Hitting all the bullet points required for a perfect K-Drama romantic comedy, this Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin starrer should be included in your watch list.

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