K-Drama Review: “Kkondae Intern” Gives A Comical Overview On The Challenges Faced In A Workplace

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Kkondae Intern immaculately balances humor and seriousness with its interesting sequence of events that occurs due to office politics.

What happens when your old boss whom you despised the most becomes your subordinate? Will you treat him as any other employee or will you give him the taste of his own medicine? It is a rarity for such an incident to occur but when it does, a lot of action is sure to take place. Kkondae Intern is a culmination of such rare occurrence of events.

An entrancing comedy, Kkondae Intern depicts an account of the instance where an unforeseen role reversal occurs. Featuring Park Hae Jin and Kim Eung Soo as the core characters, the drama proffers valuable lessons on life, work and people. The drama also stars Han Ji Eun, Park Ki Woong, Park Ah In, Noh Jong Hyun and Kim Sun Young among others, who hypes the audience with their delightful chemistry.

Title: Kkondae Intern
Network: MBC
Theme: Office Drama, Comedy
Length: 24 Episodes (35 minutes each)
Broadcast Date: 20 May 2020 to 1 July 2020
Main Leads: Park Hae Jin | Kim Eung Soo | Park Ki Woong | Han Ji Eun
Highlights: Bromantic Moments | Relatable Workplace Scenarios | Depiction Of Different Sides To Each Story
Overall Rating:
Re-Watch Value:
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Quick Plot Round-Up

After facing a lot of misery because of his horrible boss, Ga Yeol Chan (Park Hae Jin) quits his job. Five years later, his fate changes and he rises quickly to the post of a General Manager in another company.

Meanwhile, Ga Yeol Chan’s former boss Lee Man Sik (Kim Eung Soo) loses his job after he refuses to comply with the company’s plans. Though he thought that he would get a new job soon enough but reality was different. With no other resort available, Lee Man Sik chooses to become a senior intern at a rival company.

As fate would have it, Ga Yeol Chan is now the direct supervisor of Lee Man Sik. Now, it is up to Ga Yeol Chan to decide on what he makes out of the unexpected fate.

Kkondae Intern


Bromantic Moments

Who needs romance when the bromance game is so strong? With little to no romance, Kkondae Intern is an embodiment of the fact that a drama does not need to include a love story to be entertaining. The peak point of this drama is the chemistry between Ga Yeol Chan and Lee Man Sik. If fated soulmates are a thing, then it’s definitely them.

Sure, Ga Yeol Chan and Lee Man Sik did not start on the right foot with each other. But when life gave a second chance by reversing their positions, each of them could understand the other’s sentiments a little better. It all started with Namgoong Joon Su’s (Park Ki Woong) plan to sabotage Ga Yeol Chan but resulted in an inadvertent friendship between two nemesis.

A definite contender of everyone’s OTP (one true pair), Ga Yeol Chan and Lee Man Sik went through a lot of heart fluttering moments that includes holding hands, getting stranded together in an island and rescuing each other.

Kkondae Intern

Relatable Workplace Scenarios

Kkondae Intern humorously takes a jab at the idiosyncrasies of people in the workforce. For office-goers, their workplace is like a battlefield where they must sustain by using any means to get a regular paycheck.

Being human with flaws, it is difficult for these people to stay idealistic as sometimes selfishness triumphs over conscience. It’s during the times of desperation to get a stable paying job that a person will ruthlessly push away their competitors and at times it will not be the most ethical.

Though presented in a funny way, the difficulties that the Joon Su Foods Marketing Department went through is what actually occurs in life. From the case of a contract worker who perseveres constantly to the boss who bullies his subordinates for good results irrespective of the means – they are all the harsh realities that people face on a day-to-day basis.

Kkondae Intern

Kkondae Intern

Depiction Of Different Sides To Each Story

While it cannot be helped that there may be some people who are absolute evil and selfish, most of the people are not. Kkondae Intern shows that one should dig deeper into facts before coming to any conclusion. Sometimes people make mistakes due to lack of judgement or accidental errors.

The drama begins by portraying Lee Man Sik as the absolute evil but as the story proceeds, viewers get to see that he was not completely heartless. Flawed for sure but he is not a bad person as he even tries to make amends for his mistakes.

This situation provides a learning that we often do not think from the other person’s perspective and judge them too easily. Another similar case was when Ga Yeol Chan thought his interns were incompetent only to be proven wrong.

Kkondae Intern Series Afterthoughts and Recommendations

A comedy drama on the surface, but Kkondae Intern has a lot of depth in its storytelling. The drama paints the daily struggles of corporate employees in a comical manner. It was quite fun watching the show and as the story progresses, viewers get to see immense character growth of the main leads. Hence, it is impossible to not root for their win and a happy ending.

I would recommend this drama to anybody who is looking for a light-hearted workplace story with some insightful life lessons. The first episode is pretty heavy but afterwards it all laughter and chaos. Nevertheless, in all the midst of the comic scenarios, there is an underlying deep message that throws a different perspective.

Overall, this drama was a satisfactory watch for me. Because, the genre was comedy, I did not expect the creative team to put forth some realistic issues that pertains in an office environment so, it was a good surprise. Additionally, the Ga Yeol Chan-Lee Man Sik duo are the best pair who continued with their engaging acts throughout the series.

Image Credit: MBC