K-Drama Review: “Melting Me Softly” Endorses A Sweet Love That Can Withstand Anything

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The hot chemistry between the main leads makes up for the plot loopholes and languid storytelling

A story of two people who are different from the rest, Melting Me Softly is about finding love while overcoming the challenges that life throws along the way.

Title: Melting Me Softly
Network: tvN
Theme: Science Fiction, Romance, Comedy
Length: 16 Episodes
Broadcast Date: 28 September 2019 to 17 November 2019
Main Leads: Ji Chang Wook, Won Jin Ah, Yoon Se Ah
Highlights: Sweet romance between the leads, An almost perfect male lead, Comedic moments
Drawbacks: Poorly written plot and a weak antagonist
Overall Rating:
Re-watch Value:

Melting Me Softly

Quick Plot Roundup

Ma Dong Chan and Ko Mi Ran participates in a cryonic experiment in year 1999 wherein they would be frozen for 24 hours. However, things go wrong and  instead of waking up at the slotted time they wake up 20 years later.

Everyone and everything including their family have changed after 20 years while they still remain the same. Now, these two have to adapt themselves to the new world. As they slowly try to move on with their lives, they start falling for each other.

Meanwhile, another challenge awaits the couple as they must keep their temperature under a certain limit in order to survive. Besides, there is a deeper conspiracy which is related to the cryonic experiment and the incident that occurred 20 years ago.


Sweet Romance between leads

It would be an understatement to say that the main leads carried the drama on their backs and they became the primary motive for watching the show. The chemistry between the two leads was too good which made the viewers crave for more romantic moments on the screen.

The relationship between Ma Dong Chan and Ko Mi Ran started from their empathy and mutual respect for each other as fellow cryonic human to eventually getting attracted towards each other. It’s endearing to watch how Ma Dong Chan and Ko Mi Ran grew to love and support each other. Their love was selfless as each of them put the other ahead of themselves. There were so many cute moments between the two such as exchanging notes for small conversations, holding hands when no one is looking and going on the sweetest dates.

The jealousy between the two was cute too but it is not overdone. Any misunderstanding was resolved soon enough and they didn’t avoid talking because of the misunderstandings. That just defines the maturity and trust in their relationship which is also why the couple is so likable.

An almost perfect male lead

The strong point of this drama was its male lead and having Ji Chang Wook play the character makes it even better. One would wish for such an ideal character to exist in real life. Ji Chang Wook has always been effortlessly charming ever since his Healer days.

Here too, as Ma Dong Chan, he was the ideal guy that a girl would want to introduce to her parents. A dutiful son, a caring older brother, an uncle who is more like a friend and a passionate lover; that is what Ma Dong Chan is.

Another admirable trait about Ji’s character was his empathy and caring attitude toward everyone around him. He was protective of protective of Ko Mi Ran from the very beginning because he felt responsible for her current state. Also, when Ko Mi Ran got severely injured and was frozen for a long time he stayed with her family and looked after them while persistent waiting for her to come back.

Other than that, as a boyfriend he did not bind Mi Ran to any boundaries. Rather, he always chose her happiness over anything else and did not stop her from pursuing what she wants.

Comedic moments

There were many comedic and hilarious moments in the midst of some seriousness that tickles the spine. The humor did make up for the inaccuracies in the plot. The struggles of Ma Dong Chan and Ko Mi Ran in adjusting to a much different society is funnily portrayed. People around the two getting shocked when they mention their age or Mi Ran’s usage of retro stuff or Dong Chan being behind the trends are all wonderfully executed.

Ma Dong Chan’s interactions with his niece were sweet yet funny at the same time. Its hilarious that while Ma Dong Chan did not budge easily, he would easily listen to his niece’s advice. On the other hand, the long luscious hair of Professor Hwang Gab Soo too served it purpose while it lasted.

Additionally, Shim Hyung Tak as Hwang Byung Shim added to the laughs with his over-the-top imaginations. What is even funnier is Byung Shim’s son, Ji Hoon too ends up falling for Mi Ran. The story arc that revolved around the pandemonium of Mi Ran’s prospective love interests was quite wholesome and entertaining.


Poorly written plot and a weak antagonist

The drama did start strong with the 90’s backdrop that gives off a nostalgic feeling and an interesting sci-fi concept. But as the story progressed it made less sense. The sci-fi part of the story lacked logic and reasoning.

For any story to be interesting enough there should be an equally strong protagonist and antagonist. In this drama the antagonist, Lee Hyung Do had a very little impact. He got outwitted by the protagonist and everyone else, tried to be cruel but isn’t really scary.

As for Na Ha Young, it was really difficult to have any empathy towards her character. Her motivations too failed to provide any rationality. She did choose to abandon her past lover, but then cried wolf when he didn’t love her anymore. Then, all of a sudden she was seeking redemption. It would have been better if her character did not sway that much.


In spite of all the flaws it has, Melting Me Softly was worth watching because of the actors. If a viewer is looking for a fluffy romance then they would like the drama, but if they start looking for logic behind the plot then they will be disappointed.

Plot aside, the romance and the comedy was great and the actors skillfully drives the drama ahead. While, Ji Chang Wook slayed with the portrayal of an ideal lover that everyone wants, Won Jin Ah threw a different light to herself and proved that she can handle varied spectrum as an actress.

The love story was heartwarming as it went about from finding love in one of the most unexpected situations to being selfless and patient in love. Ma Dong Chan and Ko Mi Ran had various struggles which includes adjusting to a changed world and trying to stay alive, but they found solace in each other through love.

All in all, the drama served its purpose in showing a stirring romance with some comedic fillers in between.

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