K-Drama Review: “My Holo Love” Encompasses Sweet and Unconditional Love Against All Odds

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Filled with heartfelt life lessons, My Holo Love gives a dose of a bittersweet Human-AI romance

My Holo Love is a warm and profound drama that explores different forms of love. It is the love that reluctantly comes with flaws and aesthetically portrays and appreciates life. This drama highlights what digital revolution brings to people with heartbreaking loneliness and tear-stained love.

Title: My Holo Love
Network: Netflix
Theme: Romance, Drama, Sci-Fi
Length: 12 Episodes
Broadcast Date: 7 February 2020
Main Leads: Go Seung Hee & Yoon Hyun Min
Highlights: Unique Story, Heartwarming Life Lessons, Lingering Soundtracks
Drawback: Cliche moments
Overall Rating:
Re-watch Value:
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My Holo Love

My Holo Love depicts a story of a woman suffering from the aches brought by her wounded past. She finds one-of-a-kind companionship and gradually falls in love with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) hologram.

Yoon Hyun Min (Tunnel , Witch’s Court) portrays the main character Holo and Ko Nan Do. Simultaneously playing two opposite roles in one drama, it proves that Yoon Hyun Min is one of the actors to watch out for.

Talented actress Ko Sung Hee, (While You Were Sleeping, Mother) also joins the casts as she portrays the role of Han So Yeon. She is known for giving plain response in every conversation she had with other people and refusing to elaborate her life. Furthermore, the drama’s complex characters — whether it’s the main or the supporting characters, all contributed in making the drama more appealing.

My Holo Love Quick Plot Roundup

The drama heroine Han So Yeon is a lonely woman with prosopagnosia, a condition also known as face blindness. Due to her illness, she lives a solitary life and disassociate herself with people. People close to her label her negatively. Ironically, she works as a public relations officer at an eyewear company.

Unexpectedly, she finds a holo glass in her possession one day where she meets Holo, the human-like AI. So Yeon finds solace and reassurance in Holo’s existence. She begins to open herself up to Holo.

They develop a special connection and changes everything. Just when things for So Yeon becomes what she longed for, she meets Go Nan Do, Holo’s prickly creator who definitely looks like his creation and demands that she returns the glasses. Now, she faces into spiraling doubt and confusion.

My Holo Love

My Holo Love


Unique Storyline

Sci-fi romantic comedy dramas aren’t new. It can be seen in the previous dramas like Are You Human? and My Absolute Boyfriend. These dramas demonstrate stories about humans falling in love with robots. But what made My Holo Love seemingly good and unique is that it portrays a whole kind of story of human falling in love with a hologram.

Robots offers a physical connection but that’s not the case with holograms. Venturing with that fact, it drew curiosity on how humans can fulfill the void of yearning with the physical connection which an AI is lacking.

Additionally, the innate limitations of the AI in many aspects to So Yeon increases salt to the wound of her impossible love with Holo. The not-so-typical drama with an extraordinary plot takes the audiences into another dimension.

My Holo Love

Wonderful soundtracks

My Holo Love has a parade of distinguishable English and Korean official tracks that everyone shouldn’t miss.

In K-Dramas, a perfect soundtrack synthesizes a feeling from a certain scene and make the actors’ portrayals more plausible and convincing. How would the audiences internalize the slow-mo kissing scene without a romantic background music or the pull-hug move without the appropriate music crooning? It definitely needs a perfect soundtrack!

Solely composed by Ji Pyeong Kwon, My Holo Love boasts excellent soundtracks with decent songs fitting the show’s genre. Sung by various artists, the spectacle of music used in the drama gives a sentimental resonance and warmth feeling of being embraced. “Love Again” by Klazy is one of the catchy offerings, often heard throughout the series.

The lineup of artists who participated in the drama’s soundtrack made the drama quite exceptional.

Ji Pyeong Kwon, the composer of the whole official soundtracks made it available on Spotify.

Heartwarming life lessons

The characters in the drama are all lonely individuals with their own battles in life. It asserts humans and their sense of loneliness in a hyper-connected world. For all the essential sentiment story tropes that were used by My Holo Love, majority were utilized in compelling ways. It often gives inquiries to limitations and nature of love. Seemingly, this is evident with Han So Yeon as she becomes hopelessly enamored with Holo, and eventually with Ko Nan Do.

My Holo Love is about connecting people, whether it’s through the help of technology or personal interactions. Moreover, it embodies that the existence of humans has its purpose. We need to interact and connect with each other for that is how we are wired.

Ultimately, it strongly argues that love is a greater force and element more than anything else in the world. It is mainly because love is not artificially created but is found within and is innate in human. My Holo Love implies that no one is invalid for love. Ingeniously, it clamors laboring for happiness above all else, the desire of doing good to others and leaving selfishness, greed and destructive human emotions behind.

My Holo Love



The drama, as much as it wanted to be different from any other romcoms, employed a number of K-drama cliches and tropes. A field full of fireflies, star gazing and damsel in distress were just a few of these that have been used in the series. While it was not a bad thing, My Holo Love could have done without it. The leads have great chemistry that even the subdued and simple interactions were enough to sell out the romance.

Recommendations and Afterthoughts

My Holo Love is a self-contained and heartfelt story, blending humor and romance skillfully with an engaging premise at its core. The characters were pretty likeable owing it to the good production design and well-placed twists and turns.

Yoon Hyun Min brilliantly depicts both Holo and Ko Nan Do throughout the whole series. It shows Holo being the innocent and pleasing one while Nan Do as its counterpart. At their very core, they are pretty much the same – and they have a deep understanding of So Yeon which in fact the things the she yearn for; to be understood and loved despite her flaws. It clearly conveys a message that we can overcome the greatest trials in life with love and compassion. That is how we triumph and eventually heal.

You can watch My Holo Love on Netflix.


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