K-Drama Review: “Radio Romance” Airs Charming Love Frequency That Will Please Romantics

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Serenely moving to a whimsical harmony, Radio Romance is a steady watch which you can really send off happily with a smile.

Radio Romance has been clear of what it intends to give its viewers since day 1. True to its promise, it consistently gifts the audience with a sweet romantic story that gives a refreshing embrace.

Radio Romance

Title: Radio Romance
Distributor: KBS
Theme: Romance, Comedy, Workplace, First Love
Length: 16 Episodes
Broadcast Date: 29 Jan 2018 – 20 Mar 2018
Main Leads: Yoon Doo Joon, Kim So Hyun, Yoon Park
Overall Rating: 
Re-watch Value:
Plus Factors: Smooth Romantic story, Main Lead’s On Screen Love Chemistry
Oh No Moment: Annoying Villains
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There are dramas that make you smile even with unnecessary plot bends because the narrative knows when to stop with playing safe, or when to bounce back after an uncalled for storyline lapse. Radio Romance guardedly moved to a perceivable curve of fulfilling its romantic promise, and not over-achieving the technicalities of the conflicts that surrounded the love pairing.

Radio Romance Recap Links

Episodes: 1&2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8, 9&10, 11&12, 13&14

Radio Romance Episode 15

Radio Romance Finale Week Recap

Soo Ho reveals to Geu Rim how his old friend, Woo Ji Woo, died chasing after him 12 years ago. He also tells her that they both liked her back then. On his birthday, she stays with him, and even cooks seaweed soup. He shows Ji Woo’s letters that he has hidden all those years, only to find out how his friend has known that he also likes her. It turns out that all those letters are meant to be read by Soo Ho.

The mistress of Soo Ho’s father retaliates by secretly recording the truth about their fake family. The scandal damages Soo Ho’s reputation so he cools down by opting to be alone. But his understanding girlfriend finds him to share her warmth and love unconditionally.

Following Soo Ho’s revelation, PD Kang is reprimanded for not adhering to the set rules of radio broadcasting, and is sent to a forced hibernation, leaving his crew behind.

A few months later, Geu Rim returns to prime-time radio slot, but is entangled with a problematic DJ in her show. Soo Ho reconnects with his mom, who has also accepted his woman.

Soo Ho opens up the marriage talk with his girlfriend, who seems trying to evade the topic so he corners her to get the answer. Soo Ho tells her how she still has one wish to grant him. When she asks what he wants for his last wish, he leans to give her a sweet kiss. He tells her that his lifetime wish would be to give him more of those kisses for the rest of their lives.

Radio Romance Episode 16


Nicely-paced Romantic Story

Radio Romance whirls a captivating tale that flatters people who like stories about love. It is binge-worthy with intentional feel-good vibe spread evenly as the narrative moves.

It also helped that the setting is staged in the radio world, which has maintained a mellow and soothing feel, sufficing the first-love-turned-true-love premise of the story.

Main Couple’s On Screen Love Chemistry

The endearing texture of Soo Ho and Geu Rim’s relationship works magic in drawing the audience to the story’s compass despite its predictable route. The sweet backstory added layers to how followers achieved an enjoyable ride with the love couple. True that everything seems so easy on how the main leads reached their ever-after. But in their own fictional romantic world, the two have done their best to show a love story that is empathetic to all.

Radio Romance


Annoying Villains

Story antagonists are meant to annoy, but Radio Romance’ villains have episodes where viewers want to take them out of the chapters because they effectively and exaggeratedly did their jobs to stir negativity in the story. Though they were given belated redemption for their characters in the waning episodes, those parts when they caused unnecessary ruckus felt like awkward limelight stealing. Nevertheless, the sporadic emotions they carelessly fired in the series pushed the main leads to grow with dimensions for the roles they played in the story. But then again, the writers could have tamed them more to fit the narrative’s bright tone.


I have watched Radio Romance religiously over the past eight weeks. As a self-proclaimed optimist, I focused on the good points and ignored the evident writing miscues related to the villains. It is an invigorating drama that won’t take much of your brain activity, as its main charm is to target your heart with candied moments.

As simple and as serene as it can be, Radio Romance is a romantic treat that I would love to share with my friends and family.

photo credit: KBS

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