K-Drama Review: “Touch” Makes A Statement That With The Right People & Right Attitude, Success Is Attainable

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A feel good drama, Touch gave a happy ending to the main leads despite the romance feeling a little bit dry

Although the romance is not the best content of this drama, Touch manages to hold ground with its simple yet sweet story. Having a positive outlook, the drama delivers the message that life can become a lot easier with some hard work and good friends.


Title: Touch
Network: Channel A
Theme: Romance, Drama
Length: 16 Episodes
Broadcast Date: 3 Jan 2020 – 22 Feb 2020
Main Leads: Joo Sang Wook, Kim Bo Ra, Lee Tae Hwan, Han Da Gam, Pyeon Jung Su
Highlights: Focus on beauty industry and work place, Optimistic Storytelling, Emphasis on friendship and loyalty
Drawback: Lack of chemistry between the main leads
Overall Rating:
Re-watch Value:
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Quick Plot Roundup

Cha Jung Hyuk (Joo Sang Wook) is a household name in the beauty industry and can create outstanding transformation in a person’s look through make-up. He has been successful with his job and owns a premium salon called Cha Beauty. However, his rival Oh Si Eun (Pyeon Jung Su) creates difficulties in his career because of her jealousy.

Han Soo Yeon (Kim Bo Ra) is an idol trainee who has been training for 10 years with the hopes that she can finally debut one day. A survival audition program gives her the opportunity to fulfill her dream but due to the occurrence of an unfortunate incident she has to let go of her dream.

In an attempt to earn a living for herself, Soo Yeon joins Cha beauty as a make-up artist. As she works there, she learns more about the craft while also falling in love in the process.


Focus on beauty industry and workplace

The various scenarios that play out in beauty industry specific workplaces has been the main theme of the drama. As the story progressed, the drama entails the various factors that contribute to the growth of the business.

When Cha Jung Hyuk set up a new make-up shop, he could not have run the business in the similar way as he did with Cha Beauty. The team had to consider the location, shop interiors, and the demographics of the people from that area.

Therefore, the idea to integrate premium services along with service for all was a smart move. The story of Cha’s sick fan whose life-time wish was to get her make-up done by him was quite touching.

It added a great turn to the story as it made Cha Jung Hyuk realized that just because he changed his business model, it does necessarily mean that it was a bad thing. Hence, the idea of make-up for everyone at 9900 won was born.

Optimistic storytelling

Life throws unexpected twists but it can all be overcome with the right people on the side. Both the main leads suffered huge losses with regards to their career. While Soo Yeon may never get to sing again, Cha lost his much loved franchise on which he had banked his career. But the two find happiness again professionally as well as personally.

Soo Yeon found contentment in doing make-up for people. Ultimately getting a closure on why she had to quit her singing career and finally received the offer to choose on what she wanted to do. On the other hand, with some assistance of people around him, Cha thrived again as a reputable make-up artist.

Emphasis on friendship and loyalty

One prime reason why the main leads could reclaim their glory is because of the amazing bunch of supportive people around them. Kang Do Jin (Lee Tae Hwan) never gave up on Soo Yeon’s dream because he knew how much it meant to her. He even went to arduous lengths to sign a deal with another company under the condition that his best friend gets to debut. And when he learned that Soo Yeon’s singing career was sabotaged because of him, he confessed it to the world not worrying about the repercussions.

As for the Touch beauty shop, it would not have seen the light of the day, had Soo Yeon not encouraged Cha Jung Hyuk on not giving up.

Additionally, Yang Se Joon (Yoon Hee Seok), Kim Dong Min (Hong Seok Chan), Lee Hyun Joon (Son Woo Hyun) and Son Hong Seok (Ahn Dong Yeob) stood by Cha even when they had other opportunities.

As for Baek Ji Yoon (Han Da Gam), it was commendable that she did not act like the scorned second female lead who must get the love of her life at all costs. Rather, she admitted that she wronged Jung Hyuk and eventually made amends by silently supporting him from behind the scenes.


Lack of chemistry between the main leads

The drama would have been more convincing if the creators stuck to the mentor-mentee relationship rather than delving into a romance between the two. The chemistry was lacking and they both looked awkward together.

The romance felt rushed and one of the reasons could be that the romantic story line started in much later episodes. Its difficult to digest how suddenly one day Cha Jung Hyuk suddenly realized that he has feelings for Han Soo Yeon. It felt like that it was created out of thin air without building up any foundation in their relationship.


Touch narrates a simple story about rising to the top after being pushed to the bottom. The drama gave a happy ending for everyone thus a satisfying watch for those who love such scenarios. Good enough for a one-time watch, the drama was not that great, but not that bad either.

Likable characters and some funny moments made up for the flaws of the drama. Other than that, the sound tracks of the drama are memorable and great to listen. They fit well with the narrative of the series.

Image Credit: Channel A