K-Drama Review: “The Miracle We Met” Tugs At Your Heartstrings, Leaves You In Tears

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The Miracle We Met had left us with a pile of used tissues on the floor with every tear-jerking episode until the very end!

The 2018 KBS drama reminds us to never take our loved ones for granted, especially since we would never know when they are taken away from us. It also tells us to value even the littlest things, for we never know which of them are little miracles that we meet.

The Miracle We Met


Title:The Miracle We Met
Distributor: KBS
Theme: Melodrama, Fantasy
Length: 18 Episodes
Broadcast Date: 02 April 2018 – 29 May 2018
Main Leads: Kim Myung Min, Kim Hyun Joo, Ra Mi Ran
Overall Rating: 
Re-watch Value: 
Highlights: Engaging and Unique Storyline, Touching Story about Family, A+ Cast
Oh No Moments: Under-utilized Characters

The Miracle We Met

Emphasizing the importance of family, The Miracle We Met presents the story of a man who finds himself resurrected in another man’s body after a car crash and attempts to live a life completely opposite to what he is used to. He holds himself responsible for fixing the life of the man he finds himself in, including his damaged relationship with his workers, wife, and children, before he deems himself righteous to return to his old life and old family.

However, he falls in love with his new life and family in the process which poses a problem for his long-due return. He feels more torn when his old family figures out the supernatural situation he found himself in, and he faces the ultimate dilemma of choosing between the two families who share places in his heart.



A+ Cast

The Miracle We Met boasts of veteran actors with their lead character line-up including Kim Myung Min, Kim Hyun Joo, and Ra Mi Ran. With the inclusion of Ko Chang Seok’s important cameo role, the viewers can expect nothing less than stellar performances from the leads – and they definitely did not disappoint.

Kim Myung Min’s confusion over the new situation he found himself in and his drive to fix his two families were very convincing and spoke to our hearts. He also showed great chemistry with the two women, which made picking a side hard even for us as well.

With that being said, Kim Hyun Joo and Ra Mi Ran deserve lots of praises for their portrayal of Song Hyun Chul’s two wives. They made our hearts ache with every sacrifice they made and every tear they shed to keep their own families together.

The Miracle We Met

On another note, the younger actors also shone a lot in the drama, especially Kim Hwan Hee and Seo Dong Hyun. They both delivered amazing performances as the children of the two Song Hyun Chuls who had to deal with this supernatural dilemma at such a young age. Kim Hwan Hee touched our hearts as Ji Soo every time she cried longingly for her father, while Seo Dong Hyun, who portrayed Kang Ho, painted a smile on our faces as he slowly opened up and got closer to his father after his accident. The two children’s banters were also amusing, and one has to keep in mind that both characters are on their stages of puberty which explains their teenage angst. We also found their love-hate relationship quite entertaining – who wouldn’t, when one minute they’re kicking each other in the shin and the next minute, they’re bringing each other food?

miracle we met finale kim hwan hee

Screengrab from KBS

The team-up of EXO’s Kai, or Kim Jongin, as Ato and Halo’s Kim Jaeyong as Mao, was also very refreshing to watch. Kai had definitely stepped up his acting game with the drama. He was able to show his emotions through his eyes and facial expressions, especially during the first two episodes where he had no dialogues. Kai didn’t even have to speak, for all you had to do was look at him to see that his character Ato was wearing his heart on his sleeve. He also got to prove through the show that he is, indeed, the king of pouts.

This is also Jaeyong’s acting debut, and he has given a great performance for a newcomer. It was fun watching their crazy antics in helping out Hyun Chul, and you could see how earnest the two of them were in fixing the mistake they’re responsible for.

Screengrab from KBS

Touching Story about Family

Hyun Chul’s struggle to keep his two families together definitely touched our hearts. He showed the purity of a father’s love throughout the eighteen episodes of the drama. Both of the families also managed to show just how much they hold the head of their family dear, and there was nothing more touching than that. It was difficult not to sympathize with both families who were dealing with the loss of their loved one. The Miracle We Met never fails to reiterate just how much one would go for the people they love – and we think that’s beautiful.

The Miracle We Met


Engaging and Unique Storyline

The Miracle We Met is successful in mixing genres in one drama without seeming forced. Besides falling into the melodrama and fantasy categories, the show also has a touch of romance which is evident in Hyun Chul’s relationships with Hye Jin and Yeon Hwa. Solving the bank conspiracy and finding out who the mastermind behind it also gave the drama a detective story feel.


The Miracle We Met

Characters Who Could Have Done More

There are several characters who sounded promising when they were first introduced in the story but ended up fading away right after. One of these characters turn out to be Geum Sung Moo, played by Joseph Lee. He is the CEO of the store Hye Jin works at, and was projected to be someone who would confuse Hye Jin about her feelings for her husband. They were given a lot of sweet moments together, which would make viewers expect that he would be involved more in the story. However, instead of building up his character, he slowly disappeared into the background as the story progressed.

Song Hyun Chul’s daughter Mi Ho, played by Kim Ha Yoo, also could’ve done a lot for the story but unfortunately, she was unable to do so. Later on in the story, Kim Hwan Hee’s character Ji Soo starts to get jealous of Mi Ho because she feels like she is getting replaced as Hyun Chul’s daughter. However, this wasn’t expounded on – which could’ve been a good addition to the plot in order to drive a bigger rift between Ji Soo and Hyun Chul. Kim Ha Yoo did a great job at playing Mi Ho though, because despite her short screen time, she was able to touch a lot of people’s hearts – especially in that scene where her father assured her that he still loves her even when she’s not at the top of her class.

miracle we met episode 10 drama recap

Screengrab from KBS

Yoon Ji Hye’s character Kwak Hyo Joo did a great job at being the story’s villainess, and that goes without a doubt. However, her character wasn’t given a good build-up and seemed too flat to become a remarkable nuisance in Hyun Chul’s life. The same goes with the HR director Woo Jang Choon, who is played by Park Sung Geun. He shows up in the middle of the drama, and suddenly, he turns out to be the show’s main villain. We get that his character has to be mysterious to surprise the viewers, but it surprised us too much because his character wasn’t given a good foundation.

Despite lacking characterization with the drama’s villains, The Miracle We Met made up for it in the solid foundation in the lead characters’ stories and backgrounds.

miracle we met recap kbs drama

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Plot Summary

The Miracle We Met starts off with two men who share the same name, age, and birth date, but are complete opposites of each other. Song Hyun Chul A (played by Kim Myung Min) is a manager at Shinhwa Bank and is very well-off. He is married to Song Hye Jin (Kim Hyun Joo) and has two children, Kang Ho and Mi Ho. Despite his good fortune, he is a cruel, cold-hearted man who cheats on his wife and doesn’t care enough for his children.

Meanwhile, Song Hyun Chul B (played by Ko Chang Seok) is a cook who’s happily married to Yeon Hwa (Ra Mi Ran) and lives with his only child Ji Soo (Kim Hwan Hee) and his father (Lee Do Kyung). Unlike Song Hyun Chul A, he isn’t well-off, but he has a happy family life. He is able to buy the restaurant Manhojang from his boss and to complete the payment for it, he decides to take out a loan. However, when he inquires from Shinhwa Bank, he is told that he had already taken out a previous loan. He is sure that he had never done so, and we later on find out that something fishy is going on in the bank.

Two unknown people have been conspiring on stealing money from the bank, and unfortunately, Song Hyun Chul B had fallen victim to their ploy. In order for them not to be discovered, they arrange a car accident for Song Hyun Chul B. Coincidentally, Song Hyun Chul A also gets into a car accident at the same time. While Hyun Chul B suffered only minor injuries, Hyun Chul A was already on his deathbed. When the divine messenger Ato (EXO’s Kai) goes to collect Hyun Chul A’s soul, he accidentally takes Hyun Chul B for he shares the same, exact details as the person he has to collect. He realizes this mix-up a little bit too late, for Hyun Chul B’s body was already cremated by his family. He decides to send him back to life by bringing his soul to Hyun Chul A’s body – and that’s when the interesting things happen.

The Miracle We Met


The Miracle We Met is perfect for those who are looking for a good cry. The drama does not hold back from tugging at your heartstrings and changing the way you look at your everyday life.

However, if you’re not ready for a story that will make your heart heavy while and after watching it, then you should probably think twice. The Miracle We Met is not for the faint of heart – because this drama will definitely shatter yours in pieces.

miracle we met drama recap kai

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Takeaway quotes

“Humans aren’t as strong as we think. After making a mistake like this, how can we compensate them?”

“I’m sorry that my love for you changed when I loved you so much before.”

“There are many things hard to believe in life. Just because it’s hard to accept and believe, you shouldn’t be stubborn and deny it.”



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