K-Drama Review: “Voice 2” Resonates An Immersing Crime Story Wrapped In Thrilling Narrative

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Solid heroes versus villains showdowns enthralled the engrossing stride of Voice 2.

Continuing the success of its predecessor, Voice 2 enabled an opportunity for OCN network to push for plans to expand the story in multiple seasons. Leaving the viewers on a thrilling cliff-hanger at the finale episode of Voice 2, it has officially announced the continuation of the well-received OCN crime thriller onto a third installment.

Title: Voice 2
Distributor: OCN
Theme: Crime, Detective, Thriller
Length: 12 Episodes
Broadcast Date: 11 Aug 2018 – 16 Sept 2018
Main Leads: Lee Jin Wook, Lee Ha Na, Kwon Yul
Highlights: Intensified Hero-Villain showdown, Consistent thrilling plot
Oh No Moments: Bland heroine portrayal
Overall Rating: 
Rewatch Value: 
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Voice 2

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Following the initial established plot of how a fictional police team aids to save people from urgent crime situations raised through an emergency hotline, Voice 2 doubled the gripping psychopath chase without reservations.

It tapped a hero with psychopath tendencies to oppose the serial killer, whose clouded intentions to eradicate the filthy and evil world, caused merciless killings in the fictional town set in the story.

Voice 2


Intensified Hero-Villain Showdown

As Voice 2 took the initial police procedural framework of its predecessor, it swiftly hiked atrocity driven scenarios and impossibly evil antagonist to even out its predictability. Lee Jin Wook and Kwon Yul span an alpha male confrontation with their almost similar character sketches that were made interesting due to their contending camps.

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Voice 2

Consistent Thrilling Plot

Traipsing the same drama landscape of the first season, the neat flow of the story easily locked the viewers through the synergy of the narrative and the characters bringing it to life. It kind of amazed me as a follower since day 1, because I could know where the story was heading to, yet it excited me for how the details would complete the big picture of catching the hard-to-outsmart villain.

Opting a 12-episode run also helped in keeping the hook intact considering that prolonging a predictable story with repetitive sub-plots would weaken the series’ impetus. Moreover, a slight shift on its paradigm that did not fit well may be easily noticed, and might not be salvaged by the strong male leads who were already bannering Voice 2.

Voice 2Voice 2


Blandly portrayed heroine

I really want to overlook this part but OCN announced furthering this exciting oeuvre, so it is imperative to nudge Lee Ha Na to at lease equal the intensity displayed by her male lead counterparts.

It won’t hurt to show other facial expressions aside from her usual worried look, because honestly the male leads are seemingly the striking motivation baits for the series. And if the female lead is stripped out of the story, it will still function.

Plot Summary

Tasked to solve urgent law misdemeanors, the Golden Time team gained the respect of the police force and has been effectively helping in saving innocent people victimized by felons.

When the leader of Dispatch team gets brutally murdered, Golden Time team leader Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) chances upon rogue detective Do Kang Woo (Lee Jin Wook) who has been finding traces to track the culprit(s) that killed his counterpart and framed him to a murder he did not commit.

Kang Woo is offered a position to join the dispatch team after Kwon Joo sensed his keen ability to picture the perspective of the people committing crimes. Little do they know how evil and brilliant the mastermind of the killings is connecting them, and only the strongest will survive the dead end.


Meticulously written, Voice 2 took advantage of its known driving points that will keep its audience interest while maneuvering a scintillating serial killer chase.

OCN has made sure that every actor it will tap in its crime series gives justice to their role, just like how Lee and Kwon have amazed with their outwitting match, and making it the same feel yet different approach compared to Jang Hyuk and Kim Jae Wook’s contention last year.

Fans can watch the full series of Voice 2 on VIU.

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