3 Series Highlights Worth Raving On “Rookie Cops”

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Wielding the campus lives of newly recruited students of Korea National Police University (KNPU), both tribulations and small joys are clearly presented in Rookie Cops.

Knowing the right time to energize the story, the series is such a breezy watch. Despite the faint drawbacks, it has made sure to avoid run-the-mill problems typical of school-set series.

Rookie Cops Quick Plot Recap

With different reasons for entering Korean National Police University (KNPU), eight rookie students form a circle of friendship. Some even become secret couples too. From there, they brave choices, learn lessons and obtain significant life experiences.

Rookie Cops Series Highlights

Consistent Sprinkle of Humor

While Rookie Cops thrives on a safe-narrative side, it interestingly does not yield plenty of frustrating moments. Generously providing mirthful scenes also contributed to its weak plot conflict.

Much praise is to be given to the main cast for syncing well in delivering the adorable and hilarious scenes.

Shining Moments for Each Character

Distinctly delineating each character’s charm, Rookie Cops was quite ambitious, to be honest. Impressively, incorporating what the production initially promised, it presented an overview of the campus life of freshmen police students.

Along the way, the series intersperses stories of the main cast acquainting viewers with every character. Adding to that are engaging young love stories and inspiring pictures of friendships shared by the main cast.

Significant Lessons For Youth

Bound to a culture where “following orders” is strictly followed, Rookie Cops provided a few resonating lessons about self-worth, friendship and family relationships. From being responsible to choices made, it emphasizes how opting for honorable choices becomes harder when confronted with difficult dilemmas.

Displaying a few notable lessons on friendship, the bromance between Tak and Seung-hyun stood out. Theirs was a respectful brotherhood worth emulating.

Eunkang, Seunghyun, Tak, Yoona, Ari, Bumju, Dae-il and Ju-young splendidly carried a friendship story reminiscent of college circles. A kind of circle that yields lifetime friendship.

In case you have not caught up yet with the endearing youth story of Rookie Cops, seal a weekend binge schedule and watch it on Disney Plus!

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