K-Drama Review: “Voice” Darts Time Eluding Cops On A Gripping Hunt To A Vicious Psychopath

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Voice secures an impressive and realistic approach on the battle between good and evil from its onset to the riveting closure.

OCN’s Voice takes me back from the fantasy world dwelling to the real world of psychopath’s wickedness. Given the creepy premise, it is disturbingly amazing.


Title: Voice
Distributor: OCN
Theme: Crime, Action, Thriller
Length: 16 episodes
Broadcast Period: 14 Jan 2017 to 12 Mar 2017
Overall Rating: 
Rewatch Value: 
Plus Factors: Thrilling plot, Superb Character Portrayals
Oh-No Moments: Not child friendly
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Voice gives me mini cardiac arrest every episode as the team solves the cases in a gripping finish accompanied by nifty editing. The suspense-filled drama displays one major conflict when it begins, and connects efficiently to the clues and personal battles of the characters as the story progresses. It provides the audience a thrilling experience while cheering the protagonists in capturing the psycho-villain. There are no irrelevant frames as every episode is polished, and it paved a well-explained preparation to the succeeding story arcs presented.

Voice narrates the story of a special police division team — Golden Time. It is an exclusive task force group that solves urgent real-time incidents from phone calls received through the city’s emergency service line. The Golden Time team was formed in cooperation of the emergency call center and local police officers. Its prime responsibility is to race through the precarious time left for crime victims, who are held captive or being chased by their assailants and save them from the imminent danger.

Quick Plot Roundup

Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) and Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) lead a police unit. Their history goes back three years ago when Jin Hyuk’s wife was violently murdered by a serial killer and Kwon Joo’s police father who was near the site came to fulfill the police dispatch order, but ended up suffering the same fate.

Kwon Joo, who has an incredible hearing ability, listened to both murder scenes that night and vowed to avenge the death of his father. The police present the culprit, but Kwon Joo who knows the true voice of the culprit, denies that the man they caught is the true murderer. It causes a stir and headache among the police officials, who are already on a tight spot due to the public attention given to the savage killings. Kwon Joo is ordered to shut up, and the officials even altered his father’s death as a hit-and-run case.


Three years later, Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk’s paths cross again. Through cases they solved in the Golden Time unit, they established trust between each other as Jin Hyuk learns of Kwon Joo’s hearing ability. She reveals to him the story of what happened the night their family members were slayed. She voices her thoughts on how someone in the police organization is covering the tracks of the main villain. As they investigate the recent serial killings, they uncover the clues to finally pin down the psychopath (Kim Jae Wook), who mercilessly took the lives of their loved ones and other innocent victims. When they finally solved the puzzle, they must also deal with the insanely rich villain, whose iniquities are overlooked because of his father’s powerful protection.


Drama Highlight

Think Criminal Minds and CSI but they trap the villains through what the lead girl’s hearing can picture and Jin Hyuk’s smooth police rescue operations. With Jang Hyuk’s gritty detective portrayal, I guarantee that you will be left on the edge of your seat every time and feel elated about the tasks they unlocked as a team.

The villain’s inventive and perturbing display of abominable crimes is to be applauded because it places the momentum of the story in equilibrium. The heroes decipher the fitting resolution he deserves given the struggles they suffered because of him. The cold verbal spats he exchanged with the hero are “wow” moments to watch due to the protagonists’ dauntless attitude. The succession of mini problems linking to the main conflict intensifies the excitement during its run, leading to a strong following for a not so child-friendly plot of a cable drama production.

Voice is always at a high note, and not taking a chance to rest the grit and vigor of the story-building. If you are up to a police procedural story with ingenious characters and a balanced outwitting game from the heroes and villains, I highly recommend that you watch this enthralling psychopath chase.


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