Netflix K-Drama Pick: “Strong Girl Bong-Soon” Energizes With Heart Flutters & Endearing Love Pairing

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Consistently endearing with cuteness and mirth, Strong Girl Bong-Soon is a steady delightful drama that deserve all the raves and hype it has been getting from K-drama followers.

The whimsical love ride of a gaming company CEO and a woman with extraordinary strength celebrate how true love happens when you are patient enough to wait and understood that a closure is needed for a love that has missed its timing.

The fast paced quirky rom-com promises an addictive run, and delivered it in flying colors with a riveting thriller plot incorporated on the side.

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Strong Girl Bong-Soon

Strong Woman Bong-Soon highlights the tale of Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young), who has inherited a superhuman strength that is passed on from her maternal ancestors. Her incredible strength cannot be used for personal interest though, as it would cause an inevitable misfortune for her.

An incident involving saving a bus driver bullied by thugs results her cross paths with Ahn Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik), a pompous CEO of a gaming company who in turn offers her a job to become his bodyguard after realizing her ability. Bong Soon agrees after considering the huge amount of money tied up with the job offer.

The strange working agreement opens a connection for them, but he must wait for her to end a long running one-sided love with her policeman friend, In Guk Doo (Ji Soo).

Strong Girl Bong-Soon

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Why You Should Watch Strong Girl Bong-Soon

Bong Soon’s story sends you to a trampoline of stimulating emotions from thrills to laughter to poignant bliss to heart flutters and to sweet tears. What made this drama so endearing is the perfect blend of the engaging love story and warranted humor, even the slapstick comedy.

It is also an empowering tale about a woman who blooms to acknowledge her strengths and frailties. From those love confusions, career-where-I-am-going-questions, and finding her worth as a person, hers is an extra yet ordinary story that any girl can relate to.

Strong Girl Bong-Soon

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Strong Girl Bong-Soon sprints an amazing spectacle with the stunning and lively depictions and comical storytelling. Because of its intriguing plot, knee-weakening sweet moments, and cute bickering, the drama love ride is absolutely invigorating.

It is technically bare, but the simplicity and the fascinating cast synergy, accompanied by the palpable humor, will keep the viewers warmly sedated and feeling good after watching it.

Strong Girl Bong-Soon is streaming on Netflix!

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