Reminiscing The Rose’s Previous Singles, “Sorry” and “Like We Used To”

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It is the previous singles, “Sorry” and “Like We Used To”, that shapes The Rose’s Void. Here are ways how both tracks can be interpreted.

The Rose Singles

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The Rose members had an interesting discussion on what they thought of their singles, “Sorry” and “Like We Used To”. While both songs discuss the theme of heartbreak, they can be interpreted that “Like We Used To” is a sequel to “Sorry”. On the other hand, both can instead be seen as opposite ways one respond to a heartbreak.


“Sorry” is definitely a track that is beautifully orchestrated to create this lonely and hollow feeling. One thing that sets this track apart from any other is its strong emphasis on imageries. The visual “dimmed city lights” imagery, auditory and tactile imagery in “chilling voice” is used as alternatives to explain the lonely situation. And when the words “I’m lonely” is cried, there is when the emotional intensity reaches its climax.

“Like We Used To”

If “Sorry” incorporates a story-like imagery, “Like We Used To” is more to a monologue of the artists’ feeling. “Like We Used To” recalls the speaker’s beautiful memories with his previous lover, that they are too precious to forget despite the break-up. The speaker twists his hopelessness in the positive light, which makes this song more heartbreaking than its soothing melody sounds.

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