[MV REVIEW] The Rose Paints A New Shade Of Scarlet With “Red” MV

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The Rose explores their youthful energy in their latest single release.

The Rose came out with “Red” on August 13. In the music video, the members display a fresh point of view. It highlights a total 180 degree turn from previous title track “She’s in The Rain”. Additionally, it seems like the boys aimed for an easy-to-listen summer single. Nonetheless, the track displayed the signature color of the band that sets them apart from other in the industry.

The unique, enchanting voice of their vocalists gives color and personality to the track. Going back to the music video, they seem to find freedom and comfort in each other by doing various activities. Chilling on the rooftop, partying at night with fireworks and enjoying the beach together further highlights the light energy of the song.

Comparing the track from their previous release, there is a shift in energy. Dawn was made for defeated hearts. It was made to bring comfort to listeners with tracks like “She’s In The Rain”, “Insomnia” and “Take Me Down”. The album resonates with a melancholy vibe however, it leaves listeners with a hopeful feeling. In particular, “I Don’t Know You” makes a resounding impression, an earworm with a romantic vibe.

In Bloom

Known for wistful music, The Rose is often compared to bands like Day6. However, this quartet can definitely hold their own. Their first mini-album, Void, contained musical gems like “BABY”, “I.L.Y”, and “Candy (so good)”. “Sorry”, which propelled them into fame, is also included in the album. The song is dubbed as one of the best Korean pop songs of 2017 by Billboard magazine.

Their slow and steady rise to fame is commendable. The group might not have skyrocketed through the charts, but every song they release can be categorized as a musical masterpiece. The band produces perfectly balanced music coupled with emotional and relatable messages that makes fans connect with them even more deeply.

Kim Woo Sung, Park Do Joon, Lee Ha Joon, and Lee Jae Hyeong are gaining popularity in various countries. Their usage of the English language broadens their relationship with overseas supporters. This is not the last you’ve heard of The Rose and they surely will come back with another musical treasure.

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