Key Moments In Episodes 11 And 12 Of “Touch Your Heart”

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It seems Jung Rok and Yoon Seo have figured things out after Lee Gang Joon’s arrest, but it just goes downhill from there.

What really took place between Yoon Seo and Lee Gang Joon two years ago has been revealed and Jung Rok did things to make things easier for Yoon Seo. However, it is not enough to protect her from other factors that will affect their relationship greatly.


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Episode 11

The amusement park date

After the tense confrontation with Lee Gang Joon, Yoon Seo finally reveals to Jung Rok what really happened two years ago. Jung Rok reiterates once again that the offender should suffer instead of the victims. He keeps her company all through the night and the morning he wakes up, Yoon Seo is preparing breakfast and says they should go to work together.

Touch Your Heart Ep11

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During their ride to work, Jung Rok notices another black car tailing them. When they arrive at the building parking lot, he tells Yoon Seo to go up first as he needs to make a phone call. Once Yoon Seo is out of sight, he confronts the driver of the vehicle who is taking pictures of Yoon Seo. The guy reasons out that he is not taking photos of him, but Yoon Seo shows up. She tells the man not to do it anymore and calls Lee Gang Joon. She warns him not to send someone to tail her or else they will see each other in court and that she does not want to be associated with him anymore.

Touch Your Heart Ep11.1

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Jung Rok sees that Yoon Seo is trying so hard to be cheerful and that worries him. At the end of the working day, he invites Yoon Seo to a date. The couple goes to an amusement park and Yoon Seo ribs Jung Rok for being scared of the rides. The date does not seem to go smoothly as the cotton candy Jung Rok buys for Yoon Seo ends up on the ground and the firecrackers are a dud. The two eventually watch the fireworks display and Yoon Seo thanks Jung Rok for making her happy.

Courageous Yoon Seo

CEO Yeon Joon Seok is having a meeting with the writer and the director of the drama and he is told the investor does not want to cast Yoon Seo. He asks for the number of the investor and tells Yoon Seo that he is meeting the said investor. Yoon Seo wants to come along and both get shocked when Lee Gang Joon shows up. CEO Yeon angrily tells him they are no longer interested in doing the drama. Yoon Seo confirms and tells Gang Joon that she does not need the drama for her comeback and that she is no longer afraid of him. She leaves him fuming as she says he is right to say that she is a lot happier now.

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Jung Rok visits Yoon Seo that night and gives her a hedgehog stuffed toy. She gives Jung Rok a heads up that she will not be going to work for the time being. The following morning, Yeon Joon Kyu informs the other employees that Yoon Seo is taking a break because she is sick. Yoon Seo receives a number of text messages from the employees expressing concern and wishing her to get well. Feeling encouraged, Yoon Seo shows up at the law firm, but not as an employee.

She speaks with Jung Rok, and gives him a cellphone and memory cards which contain pictures and threatening text messages from Lee Gang Joon. She tells Jung Rok she wants to press charges and makes him pay for what he did. Jung Rok promises he will do everything he can to ensure that it happens.

Episode 12

Jung Rok and Yoon Seo Skipping Work

Lee Gang Joon manages to enter Yoon Seo’s house and he keeps on saying that he loves Yoon Seo. He wants her to tell him that she feels the same and that she is pretending to be mad at him to get his attention. Jung Rok remembers the face of the Lee Gang Joon’s driver and suspects that he is up to no good. As Lee Gang Joon screams at Yoon Seo, Jung Rok arrives and punches him. The police arrest Lee Gang Joon and charge him with multiple violations. The internet has been full of praises and requests for Yoon Seo’s comeback now that the truth has come out.

Touch Your Heart Ep12.1

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People also start approaching Yoon Seo to have a picture with her and to get her autograph. The production crew of the drama also wants her to take the lead role to which she gladly accepts. Rumors of her comeback and her stint in the law firm catch the interests of the media and they go to Always Law Firm to confirm it.

Jung Rok grabs Yoon Seo and leads her away from the chaos. He calls Joon Kyu to advise him that he will take the rest of the day off. The employees wonder if they are dating to which Joon Kyu opposes strongly.

Jung Rok and Yoon Seo spend the day relaxing in Jung Rok’s apartment. They go to the market to buy ingredients for dinner and play Jenga. Jung Rok drives Yoon Seo back to her house and as they are having a sweet moment, Yoon Seo startles after seeing Hyuk Joon. He scolds Yoon Seo after finding out she is dating Jung Rok.

Yoon Seo defends their relationship and says she really likes Jung Rok. Hyuk Joon advises her to be careful. Hyuk Joo later on calls and meets up with Jung Rok asking if he could end the relationship as it will not do Yoon Seo any good. Jung Rok insists that he can’t do what is being asked because he likes Yoon Seo too.

“We should break up”

The next day, a picture of Jung Rok and Yoon Seo having a meal is posted online. Joon Kyu wants to know the real score and corners Jung Rok about it. He denies dating her and tells him they were just having a meal. This information appeases Joon Kyu.

In his office, Yoon Seo just finished her conversation with her CEO. Jung Rok senses that it has something to do with the photo circulating online. Yoon Seo confirms and says that if an article comes out about them, her agency will deny it. Yoon Seo does not want false articles written about them, but Jung Rok says that she should do what her agency wants.

Touch Your Heart Ep12

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Joon Kyu is planning a farewell party for Yoon Seo and consults Jung Rok about it. He is admiring Yoon Seo’s previous works and mutters that she really shines when she is acting. Jung Rok hears this and recalls his previous conversations with Yoon Seo on how she truly loves acting. He also remembers Hyuk Joon’s words.

Jung Rok skips her farewell party as she is feeling down, she calls his number the same time he is approaching her. He says that the reason he did not show up is because he has a surprise for her. Jung Rok brings her to a theater and they watch Roman Holiday by themselves.

After the movie, Yoon Seo expresses her happiness, but Jung Rok’s next words devastates her. He says that she needs to go back to her world as he needs to remain in his, so they should end their relationship now.

Episode 11 and 12 Afterthoughts

Yoon Seo has really grown so much and in episode 11, she just showed people how strong she can be. Her fear of Lee Gang Joon is justifiable as not only was she accused of something she did not do, the public had branded her with false accusations that ultimately ruined her career. Her hesitation and mindset of not provoking Lee Gang Joon is understandable considering what she went through.

But I love how she found the courage to finally act and to take legal action against him. I admire Jung Rok for not pushing her to do it even if it really bothered him how she wanted to keep her peace. She came forward on her own volition and Jung Rok’s relief is palpable.

Touch Your Heart1

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Touch Your Heart has been consistent in giving viewers heart flutters, but episode 12 was a heart-breaker. As much as I dislike the idea of them breaking up, I know it is needed for the characters’ growth. This is an instance where I hated Jung Rok’s logic. He weighed the pros and cons of having a relationship with Yoon Seo, and of course, being the logical person, he saw the point that her manager had raised.

I know this breakup won’t last long, but I wish this gets resolved sooner. I don’t want to see a crying Yoon Seo or Jung Rok. Seeing the two of them being so desolate, it is just heart-rending.

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