Film Review: Train To Busan – “Get On Board To Stay Alive”

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This movie is smashing records, not just zombies.

Setting a blockbuster record of 10 million viewers, ‘Train To Busan’ is definitely one of the most anticipated movies – not just in South Korea but also to other countries, including the Philippines!

Filipino fans have been showing excitement over the movie when it was first released in Korea. Finally, their prayers have been answered as the ‘Train To Busan’ will arrive to the local movie screens this September 1 to over 100 cinemas nationwide.

Zombie apocalypse is not a new movie concept for most moviegoers, but ‘Train To Busan’ offers more than just human beings fighting for their own survival. The show also showcases a variety of life lessons, particularly a person can learn to be selfless and fight for the ones he/she loves.


Gong Yoo plays the lead role (Seok-woo), which would remind viewers of a father who would do anything for his child. No matter how busy a father is, he would try his best to find time to give his child what he/she wants. Child actress Kim Su-an gives justice to her role (Su-an) with her excellent acting in the movie. It would remind of a stubborn child whose only wish is to have the time and attention of her busy father.

Ma Dong Seok (Sang-hwa) and Jung Yumi (Seong-kyeong)’s on-screen chemistry will give viewers a good laugh in their roles as a married couple. The characters of Choi Woo-Shik (Young-guk) and Ahn Sohee will remind viewers of their first love during high school with their cat-dog relationship.

The movie would not be complete if there isn’t a character played by Kim Eui-Sung (Yong-suk). His selfish deeds would probably make viewers hate him, and think that he is the actual villain in the movie – not the zombies.

Director Yeon Sangho did a good job in choosing the cast as they definitely fit each characters perfectly. The special effects and lifelike scenes are what viewers can also look forward to. The intense run and chase game between the characters and zombies would surely scream the hell out of you.

Two lucky winners from Hellokpop’s contest were cordially invited to attend the advance screening which happened on August 25 at SM Megamall, Philippines.

Movie fan Lyn Liza Silva:

“It’s a thrilling and gripping tale of struggle of humanity against time and space. The movie was more than amazing from the actors to the effects, it’s almost as if I’m witnessing the thrill live and I can’t take a break because every moment counts”

Another winner Jasmine Samodio:

“Train to Busan is a highly recommended movie to watch with your friends, your family or even with your lover. The thought of losing a family, friends and fellowmen through ‘zombie virus’ scared me a lot. The movie was able to put us viewers in the shoes of the characters in conveying the emotions. I really like how this movie ended. Though it broke my heart, I knew that the movie succeeded.”


Watch the official trailer here:

Don’t miss the train as it opens to the public on September 1, 2016 in the Philippines brought to you by Red Peter Film and Next Entertainment World, locally distributed by Rafaella Films.


Hellokpop would like to thank Ms. Pamela Calinisan for the invite.

Event Coverage by: Sunlee and Reg (Hellokpop team)

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