Best Of K-Beauty: Cosmetic & Skincare Kit #1

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Don’t know what are the latest Korean cosmetic and skincare products in the market? We are here to help.

From January 2017, Hellokpop is privileged to collaborate with one of the top leading Korean cosmetics and skincare suppliers in South Korea, Yeppunonnie Philippines, on K-beauty tips, while introducing some of the latest Korean breakthrough beauty products to pamper yourself.

As we welcome 2017 with our New Year’s resolution list, it’s also time to bring some makeover to our beauty and skincare regimen.

Here is the first installment of our monthly review of Korean cosmetic and skincare products that you can start off with to pamper yourself today:

Masks for Hands, Feet and Nails

Korean skin care routines at night do not end with washing your face and putting on night creams. Koreans are also very fond of masks and sheets to put on while their bodies are at rest.

While you have probably seen a wide range of these products from your favorite boutiques, you might not have come across SLOJ’s Four Beauties and WIZYOUNG products. These products are not yet available in the Philippine market but you can finally get your hands on them through Yeppunonnie PH.

WIZYOUNG Hand, Nail and Foot Masks available va Yeppunonnie PH

WIZYOUNG Hand, Nail and Foot Masks available via Yeppunonnie PH

Masks and sheets are a very good investment to add into your beauty bank. SLOJ and WIZYOUNG  mask and sheet products range from your nails to hands and feet, and have variants such as soothing and whitening masks.

Take note ladies (and gents), masks and sheets are not an instant return of investment. You have to be consistent in using them to reap the benefits.

Color your Eyes, Cheeks and Lips

There is a wide range of creams for cover and foundation of your make up. Foundation cracking is a common problem when you have to apply layers of base.

Korean make up can give your look an au naturel finish without the cracking. Chic Candy’s offering can vary from creams in a tube to moisture foundation in a compact.

Chic Candy make up base available via Yeppunonnie PH

Tattooed eyebrows have become a fad since early last year but for those who are hesitant to undergo the surgical procedures, you can opt for the trendy RIACE Tinted Brows Tattoo Gel.

Riace Eyebrow Tattoo Gel available via Yeppunonnie PH

Riace Eyebrow Tattoo Gel available via Yeppunonnie PH

The tattoo brow gel is  a must-have on your kit especially if you have thin eyebrows. It is easy to apply; it’s as if you’re putting on glue on your brows and then peel it off when it dries.

A girl’s make up – simple. natural or or fully-made up – is not complete without the lippies. Lippies vary from colored balms and lip gloss, satin, gloss and matte finish and more variants but it all boils down to one problem – smudging or staining.

A lip manicure does the trick. It is close to a tattooed lips (yes, there are lip tattoo surgeries now) without the expensive and painful procedure.

If you want to stand out with as little make-up as you can, then it is time for you to try the RIRE Lip Manicure.

They dry fast with a matte finish and stays on your lips throughout the day . No need to worry about getting messy during your meals because these lippies do not smudge nor stain. Also available in other shades.

RiRe Lip Manicure High Fix available via Yeppunonnie PH

Some ladies like to keep their eyes the center of attention. They invest in a good eyeshadow kit that are usually expensive even if they will not be able to use all the shades in the palette.

To get your money’s worth, try the Limited Edition Disney LAPCOS Color Fit Shadow Kit. The natural shades in its shadow palette are guaranteed to compliment your outfit any time of the day.

Limited Edition Disney Lapcos Eyeshadow Kit available via Yeppunonnie PH

Love what you are seeing?

You can purchase them via Yeppunonnie PH Facebook, or visit the official website yeppunonnie.ph for more products exclusively in its warehouse.

Hellokpop is an official media partner of Yeppunonnie Philippines.

Stay tuned for exciting giveaways and promotions coming up soon.

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