Best Of K-Beauty: Cosmetic & Skincare Kit #4

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We’re back with another series of amazing K-Beauty finds from Yeppunonnie PH!

We hope that our last feature ‘Best Of K-Beauty: Cosmetic And Skincare Kit #3‘ has given you a broad insight of what K-Beauty products to include in your skincare and makeup regimen. Once again for this month, we will be sharing ideas and tips about K-Beauty products that should be a part of your daily beauty routine.

Dry skin dilemma? Fret not as Aqutop, a brand that highly regards Aqua or Water as its main ingredient on its products, will help lock in the moisture, keeping skin fully hydrated.

One of the Yeppunonnie’s best sellers Aqua Blooming Moist Tone Up Cream will give you a headstart to achieve that moist-glow all over your skin. With natural properties like Inula Britannica Flower, Whitening 9 Complex and Celbioniqu Water that help hasten the absorption of nutrients in the skin, it also provides antibacterial benefits and fights wrinkles. Not forgetting that it also gives whitening effect on the skin, leaving it for a flawless look.

Aqutop Moist Tone Up Cream via Yeppunonnie PH

Aqutop Moist Tone Up Cream | Yeppunonnie PH

Use the cream alongside with Aqutop’s Skin Tone Up Water and Aqutop’s Pink Capsule Tone up Ampoule. The cream will be the last of the three-step procedure to achieve best results on the skin.

This is also recommended for those with skin discoloration concerns.

Aqutop’s brand muse Shin Hye Sun, known for her roles in the dramas She Was Pretty and The Legend of the Blue Sea, swears by its youthful glow on her skin.

Half and Half K-Beauty Products by Lebaton

Have you heard of Half & Half products? Well, you better keep your eyes peeled on this next K-Beauty wonder. As the name suggests, two products in one bottle, and yes, these products go hand-in-hand for an effective finish on the skin.

Next, introducing Lebaton‘s Ban Ban Cleanser Deep Pore Cleansing Gel and Brightening Cleansing Oil and Ban Ban Cream Tone Up Whitening Cream and Super Aqua Moisturizing Cream:

Lebaton Ban Ban Cleanser and Cream | Yeppunonnie PH

One can’t help but notice its unique packaging with having dual properties in one bottle!

Lebaton’s Ban Ban Cleanser Deep Pore Cleansing Gel has Flower-Berry 5 Complex and Grapefruit contents that will cleanse the skin to remove any impurities. The Brightening Cleansing Oil removes any skin build-up from makeup, and alongside with its natural ingredients – Grapefruit Water, Olive Fruit Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, it casts out any feeling of irritation, leaving the skin renewed.

Use Deep Pore Cleansing Gel in the morning and in the evening. For the evening routine, The Brightening Cleansing Oil is first used, then finish it off with the Deep Pore Cleansing Gel to remove any remaining skin residue. Evenly spread out the cleanser onto your face and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

The Half & Half series extends to its creams, namely Ban Ban Cream Tone Up Whitening Cream and Super Aqua Moisturizing Cream. Super Aqua Moisturizing Cream keeps the moisture locked in due to its natural ingredients – Camellia Japonica Flower Extract, Camellia Oil and Hyaluronic Acid.

The Tone Up Whitening Cream brings out the luminosity and sheen of the skin as Pearl Extracts, 8 Herbal Extracts – from Sage Extract to Lavender Extract and Jewelry Powder (Pearl Powder, Amethyst Powder, Nephrite Powder, Ruby Powder, Amber Powder and Tourmaline Powder) are the main ingredients. Mind you, these extracts are proven to be good for the skin.

The versatility of this cream is its strong point as one can use this as makeup base to achieve the dewy makeup look. Or if you wish to maintain a no-makeup appearance, apply the moisturizing cream first and finish it off with the whitening cream.

Small and Compact for Full Coverage by VANT

Though small and compact in its packaging, the VT Phyto Moisture Multi Balm packs a punch with its benefits. Armed with Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Green Tea Seed Oil, Olive Oil and Shea Butter, this beauty balm leaves a moisturizing effect that can be used on the face, hair, lips and nails. Just simply apply on the affected dry area.

Vant Phyto Moisture Multi Balm | Yeppunonnie PH

Vant 36.5 Air Touch CC Cushion Natural Beige Kit is another recommended choice for your CC Cushion needs.

Vant 36.5 Air Touch CC Cushion Natural Beige Kit via Yeppunonnie PH

Vant 36.5 Air Touch CC Cushion Natural Beige Kit | Yeppunonnie PH

This well-rounded kit has an Air Touch CC Cushion, Air Puff and Advanced Moisture Cream. If dealing with heavy makeup is burdensome, this is your best bet for a light and natural coverage on the skin.

Glacier Water, Green Tea Extract and Rose Extract are the main components for this product, giving that hydrating and silky effect on the skin. This cushion helps to cover any skin blemish and imperfection, keeping your skin clear all throughout the day.

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