K-Beauty Brand Noon’s UP Is Making Splashes With Its Unique Lashes

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K-beauty receives a lot of love from its massive user base for all the skin care and cosmetics, but soon it will broaden its reach out to even accessories. There is one brand in Korea that has been making a huge splash (and lash) as of late.

Noon’s UP is a Korean brand that makes eyelashes and eyelash glue. Their lashes aren’t just the normal dark or clear types, they have a whole range of dark lashes and clear lashes that are uniquely named after women.

There are two distinct eyelash ranges in Noon’s UP’s line up, the K and the M line. The K line features clear thinner eyelashes that are ideal for the natural look, while the M line is a bit darker and thicker for a more pronounced look.

These aren’t your everyday cheap eyelashes that fall off and succumbs easily to wear and tear. Noon’s UP eyelashes are all quality-made.

‘Alice’ from the M line

‘Tiffany’ from the M Line

Noon’s UP’s eyelashes are best used with their very own Noon’s UP eyelash glue. Their glue is super easy to use, even with a brush, plus it stays on over 24 hours.

In case you plan on getting wet, you won’t have to worry as the glue is waterproof. If you have any skin concerns, Noon’s UP products have been lab-tested for skin safety and all products are formaldehyde-free!


This post is brought to you by Noon’s Up.

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