SK-II: Women. Dream Again. Change Destiny.

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Have we forgotten that we used to have dreams?

SK-II, a luxury cosmetic brand, has released a new ‘Dream Again’ video for its campaign – #changedestiny. In this campaign video, a few Korean women were invited for a special counselling session to discuss on the topic of dreams. When asked about the questions of their dreams, the women did not answer easily at first.

There’s the fact that my dream changed, I’ve changed and reality has changed.

The meaningful concept behind this video was the real counselors behind asking questions. It seemed to be a normal one-on-one counselling session with a professional. In actuality, the professional had an ear piece, which was connected to the young Korean girls in a separate room. They were the ones, who were asking questions to the women.

I have to earn money, and although the dream is still there, it’s difficult to grab onto both. I’m raising children now. Whenever I feel that, I am shaken by the things people said around me and realistic things.


The Korean women shared their dreams that they used to have or have now. Interestingly, when they were asked on the question of why they gave up their dreams, they gave the same answer – reality. Some shared they gave up because they needed to earn money, and fulfill expectations of being an adult. To these women who gave up their dreams, the young Korean girls sent warm encouragements by asking them not to give up.

You shouldn’t give up your dreams. You can do great.

After the counseling sessions, the interviewees got the chance to meet their real counselors. The women were surprised, when they realized that the ones who condoled and encouraged them were these young girls. The girls successfully showed simplistic vision to the women of what it is to dream again.

Fly like an airplane! Do it, do it!

With the new campaign and advertisement, SK-II showcases one of its most powerful, successful storytelling approaches. These days, many cosmetic companies advertise the benefits of their products, or convince audiences with the quality of ingredients of their products. But SK-II goes beyond to share the big meaningful picture of impact and vision that it hopes to bring to the world.

In June, SK-II held an event at the Grand Intercontinental Seoul in South Korea. At the event, Korean women’s dreams were discussed, as well as statistics of women who have given up on their dreams. There was also a children counselling session for the celebrity guests. Singer Yoon Jongshin’s son made an appearance as the child counselor, who shared his honest thoughts on dreams for beauty YouTuber Miss Daisy and SNSD’s Sunny.

The event left a significant impact on the women who had attended, as well as empowered them to chase their dreams again. As the SK-II video continues to draw and inspire millions and millions of women, it will be there to help those who have forgotten their dreams to – Dream Again. Change Destiny. 

The children remind us what it is to dream a dream again.

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