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2AM’s Jung Jin Woon Reveals the Number of His Ex-Girlfriends

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In a recent episode of the virtual reality date on JTBC’s Dating Alone which aired on February 7 at 11 p.m. (KST), 2AM’s Jung Jin Woon revealed the number of girlfriends that he has had so far when being asked by his dating partner A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji out of the blue.

During filming, Eun Ji showed her curiosity about Jin Woon’s past relationships by playfully asking him: “How many girlfriends have you had before me?”  After thinking it for a moment, he confessed: “I’ve had three to four.” To that, everyone was surprised.

Dating Alone is a reality variety show where male guests participate in virtual dates with female celebrities who act as virtual lovers. The purpose of the show is to see if men know the minds of women, and to study how they act in each situation. It is a spin-off of the 2012 television series, Imagination Love Battle.

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