5 K-Dramas That Will Warm Your Hearts On Cold Winter Nights

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There’s no other constant companion to that cold winter breeze than the temptation of staying home to binge-watch K-Dramas instead.

As we face the remaining “ber” months, snuggling cozily in bed while binge-watching your latest K-Drama favorites sounds like an amazing idea!

To make your lives easier, we’ve picked five K-Dramas which will surely warm your heart with romance, make you believe in love, and evoke all kinds of emotions you could possibly think of!

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What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

Remember Park Seo Joon also known as the man whose aegyo lowkey made as die in feels as Ko Dong Man from Fight My Way and the stern but actually soft-hearted Ji Sung Joon in She Was Pretty? He’s got another rom-com that will make you fall in love with his charms, together with Park Min Young whose beauty just truly astounds us!

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? will hook you with its tale about a not-so-typical kind of boss-secretary relationship while proving that a good story doesn’t necessarily need an evil adversary.

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About Time

Have you ever heard of that cheesy line which goes like: Time just stops whenever I’m with you? Well, About Time takes that a bit literally — minus the cringe, of course!

With the mix of Lee Sang-yoon, Lee Sung-Kyung, and a special ability to see the remaining time people have to live, you’ll get nothing but a heart-warming drama that will let you think about living life to the fullest and what true love really means.

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Go Back Couple

If you were given a chance to go back in time and change your life, will you make a new choice or make the same life decisions?

When unhappy married couple Choi Ban Doo and Ma Jin Joo are faced with this question, they find themselves traveling back in time to the day before they met.

With its simple yet touching storyline, Go Back Couple will keep you glued to the screen and make you wonder about the what-might-have-beens and what-ifs in your life. Just a warning, this relatable drama definitely left us with goosebumps and buckets of tears as we, too, get reminded of why we love in the first place.

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Lawless Lawyer

Lee Jun Ki’s killer smirks and Seo Ye Ji’s unmatchable class in one drama? Yes please!

Lee Jun Ki takes on the role of a “gangster lawyer” named Bong Sang Pil in Lawless Lawyer.

Despite his position as a lawyer, Sang Pil shows a clear distrust in the law and doesn’t hold himself back from taking matters into his own hands — as in literally, by using his fists.

He takes advantage of loopholes in the law and boasts an excellent win rate. He convinces Ha Jae Yi, who, despite being a lawyer like him, has integrity, to work at his law office. Together, they must navigate court battles, law manipulations, power struggles, and politics to fight against those in absolute power.

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Sketch brings the reunion of two of probably our most favorite K-Drama actors ever — Rain and Lee Dong Gun!

Fifteen years after working together in Sang Dio! Let’s Go To School, the two share the small screen once again as Detective Kang Dong Soo and former special force member Kim Do Jin, respectively.

Sketch tells the story of Detective Kang Dong Soo’s quest to capture the person behind the mysterious murder of his fiance. To solve the mystery and capture the murderer, he works with a female detective, played by Lee Sun Bin, who has the ability to see three days into the future and relays what she sees through her sketches.

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So what are you waiting for? Go get that tub of chips, turn the lights off, and wrap yourself in a blanket while blasting the volume and drowning in feels with these K-Dramas that will make you feel warm despite the cold, cold weather!

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