7 New Korean Dramas To Premiere In July – Starring Hottest Actors Nam Joo Hyuk, Im Si Wan, Lee Jun Ki And More

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It is going to be a sunny and sizzling outbreak for 2017 summer Korean dramas this July!

As the spring drama lineup nears the wrapping up stage, South Korea’s sought-after small screen actors take charge of the banner change with the incoming latest Korean dramas.

We are up for a variety of fantasy and reality stories this summer so make sure you mark your calendars well.  We give you seven 2017 summer Korean dramas you should look forward to!

1.  Bride of the Water God

Bride of the Watergod

Nam Joo Hyuk (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo) returns as every girl’s boyfriend, this time around with a power to command water.  Yay!  He pairs up with Shin Se Kyung (Six Flying Dragons) in the manhwa adaptation set in modern times, where Ha-baek (water god) goes to earth in search of his bride. She is a vibrant doctor whose rational mind disregards her family’s fate of being in servitude of water gods for generations. Bride of the Water God has been showering anticipating viewers, with stunning video and image teasers about a deity and a girl predestined to become his servant. The “master-servant” plot, the bickering rom-com staple and the blend of fantasy are what I look forward most to this drama. Having the Misaeng writer, and Nine Times Travel and Queen In Hyun’s Man director on board, we could fairly say that we are up to bask in romantic bliss and creative narrative.

Bride of the Water God is set to conquer our hearts on July 3 at 10PM on TVN.


2.  The King Loves

“This is the story of the me who loved you better than myself.”

That line from the The King Loves teaser sums up what we have to prepare for in this love drama journey. MBC will continue the sageuk streak in a romance melodrama. It is about two best friends, who fall in love with the same woman. Im Si Wan (Misaeng) plays a conflicted two-faced Goryeo prince, who gets everything in life but not the woman he loves, played by Im Yoo Na (The K2). Hong Jong Hyun (Scarlet Heart Ryeo) completes the love triangle.
I’m scared and proud on how Im Si Wan gets to be experimental and brave in choosing his roles.  His Jang Geu Rae portrayal in Misaeng is meek and defiant, so I’m curious to see how he takes his hero-villain role this time. It was recently revealed that seasoned screenwriter Song Ji Nah (Healer, Faith) penned the drama. That’s another good reason why I trust this production will keep the poignancy without hitting a depressing point.

The King Loves premieres on July 17 at 10PM on MBC.

3.  School 2017

Kim Se Jeong

Onto a new installment of KBS youth drama “School series”, which has run since 2000, and has propelled the stardom of current top actors in South Korea. The 2017 edition summons relatively new performers with Gugudan’s Kim Se Jeong, former member of defunct girl group IOI, taking the lead girl status of a bright school girl. Following the School franchise tradition, we are expecting to witness the angst and joy of being young with the school as the backdrop. Kim Jung Hyun, yes, the moody little brother in Jealousy Incarnate, and bad-boy-turned-good-boy in Rebel will act as the lead man. From his portfolio, he will sure match the hero’s character as a rich boy transfer student, who likes to create campus troubles. Jang Dong Yoon (Solomon’s Perjury) suits up as the well-mannered A-student, who is good at almost everything in school. It would be interesting how the inexperienced actors would take the challenge of the School series’ prominent reputation.

School 2017 will open its campus this July 17 on KBS at 10PM.

School 2017 Lead Boys


4.  Reunited Worlds

Yeo Jin Goo & Lee Yeon Hee

Photo Credit: Allure & Vogue Korea

SBS will follow up Suspicious Partner (Starring Ji Chang Wook) with another rom-com story tweak with hints of fantasy.  Since I have a soft spot for Yeo Jin Goo these days with his impeccable performance in Circle, it’s kind of weird that he threads on another drama with time element plot.  But I like the interesting premise of his role.  He is supposed to be a 30-ish man, who comes back from the dead to live his 18-year-old self again.  Lee Yeon Hee (Hwajung) plays the best friend of the resurrected from the dead lead-man, who is also the love interest of the second lead Ahn Jae Hyun (Cinderella and the Four Knights). The writer-director tandem of Beautiful Gong Shim and The Girl Who Sees Smells pulled off a wonderful job in layering the humor, love vibe and character distinctions in their stories.  Ergo it is expected that we will be gifted with an endearing romantic comedy.

SBS’s Reunited Worlds is set to unite this July 19 at 10PM.

Ahn Jae Hyun & Jung Chae Young


5.  Falsify

Nam Goong Min

From his gregarious Chief Kim portrayal, Nam Goong Min joins SBS’s legal drama parade this year.  He will suit up as a tabloid reporter, who will team up with a prosecutor to bring light to the justice system.  Eom Ji Won (Master) will join the roster of 2017 K-Dramaland prosecutors, with an uptight personality that has made her infamous in the office.  Nam Goong Min is remarkably adorable showing his comic side as shown in his recent dramas. But his serious face is nothing but exceptional based on his antagonist runs in Remember and The Girl Who Sees Smells.

Falsify is slated to replace My Sassy Girl on July 24 via SBS.

Eom Ji Won

Photo Credit: Hancinema

6.  Criminal Minds

Lee Jun Ki

South Korea’s adaptation of the long-running US crime drama Criminal Minds is what I am most excited about in the upcoming dramas that will hit next month, which is mainly due to me being a fan of the FBI serial killer profilers since day 1. Also, because I cannot picture a more adept actor that can strut the grit and bearing of the emotions and action scenes than Lee Jun Ki.  Taking the basic gist of CBS’s Criminal Minds, TVN’s new police procedural drama will showcase a detective team, which will analyze the behaviors of psycho and sociopath in solving crime-related police cases.  Lee Jun Ki’s team will include Moon Chae Won (Goodbye Mr. Black) Sohn Hyun-joo (Three Days) Go Yoon (Monster) and Lee Sun Bin (Missing 9).

Criminal Minds will premiere on July 26 at TVN.

Moon Chae Won

Phot Credit: Instyle Korea

7. Strongest Delivery Man

Go Kyung Pyo

Go Kyung Pyo jumps to the living world from his ghost drama role in Chicago Typewriter to KBS’s heartwarming long shot tale about persevering young adults at the lowest point of working population hierarchy. If SBS is determined to shower us with legal dramas, I think KBS has a penchant for “chasing dreams” and “underdog” stories this year. Go Kyung Pyo’s seven years of supporting role portfolio speak about how he deserves landing this lead role. Chae Soo Bin (Rebel) dons the staple hardworking heroine, who will stay by the side of the diligent lead man.

Strongest Delivery Man takes over The Best Hit on KBS’s Friday-Saturday drama come July 28.

Chae Soo Bin

Which one of these new Korean dramas will you be watching this summer?

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