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Abnormal Summit unveils new panelists from Australia, Nepal and Russia

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JTBC’s hit variety talk-show, Abnormal Summit, has expanded its panelist headcount with the addition of 3 new fixed members from Nepal, Australia, and Russia, transforming the show’s original G11 into G12!

The Russian representative, Ilya Belyakov (right), hails from Vladivostok and is a medical translator in Korea, and has been living the country for 11 years. He guest-starred in episode 20, and he hopes that he is able to break the many preconceptions about Russia and discuss Russia’s relations with America and China.

Blair Williams (center)  is the new Australian representative, and the fresh-faced 24 year old from Brisbane has gained much interest after being featured as the visiting intern in episode 22 due to his outspoken manner and candid remarks.

Nepal’s Sujan Shakiya (left) was Abnormal Summit’s latest visiting intern, and he revealed that he came to Korea in 2010 as a student studying in Dangook University.

The news of Abnormal Summit’s new panelists first came to light when one of the program’s MCs, Yoo Se-Yoon, uploaded a photo onto his Instagram that revealed the show’s script, with hawk-eyed netizens spotting the names of the new fixed panelists on its cover. The post has since been deleted.

The episode featuring the new panelists will air on January 12, 11pm KST.



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