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Actor Joowon tells his breakup story

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Joowon admitting to his breakup has become a big issue.

On November 13th on KBS2‘s Win Win (승승장구), actor Joowon appeared as the guest. He admitted, “I’ve been in two relationships so far.”

Joowon continued, “I express my feelings a lot, so I was able to tell my girlfriend that  I loved her often. But my girlfriend said that side of me is kind of tiresome and so we had a break up through text message”.

The actor continued to tell his truthful story of his relationship. “I wanted to protect my love since I was young. I didn’t want to calculate anything and just wanted a pure and innocent love. But when I continued to grow, I’ve already becoming to calculate saying things like ‘Oh that girl.. doesn’t fit me because of this or that’ and tried to do have a relationship that was possible in reality. I think that kind of love made me hurt myself.”

Towards the question of if there was a love that he couldn’t protect, he answered, “If I like the work that I’m doing, I tend to give all-in to the work. I didn’t even know it was her birthday due to work. My heart is big, but I was too focused on the work.”

The viewers of this broadcast said, “I’m surprised at Joowon’s honesty about his breakup”, “Before he is an actor, he is a human, I’m sure he was in a relationship”, “I cried just by listening to his breakup story”.

Source: news and photo-The Star

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