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Actress Han Ji-min contributes narration for the movie ‘Ending Note’

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Actress Han Ji-min has taken part of the narration of the Barrier Free version for the movie Ending Note.

Barrier Free version (배리어프리버전) is a special type of movie that has sounds to explain certain scenes for the blind to listen and to enjoy the movie just through hearing.

Ending Note is a movie that talks about a father who lives and works hard as a salary-man(샐러리맨). Unfortunately after retirement, he is hit by an unexpected cancer. The movie tells about a touching story of how he is able to live confidently as he spends his last remaining days.

Director Choi Jinho who selected actress Han Ji-min for the Barrier Free version of Ending Note says, “Han Ji-min was selected for the daughter’s voice and with her warm voice, she was able to handle the job well and calmly. We’re looking forward to how much more this movie can be moving and touching to those who watch it.”

Han Ji-min explained the Ending Note, “It talks about living life and dealing with the sudden news of death, this movie shows a lot of warm feelings and so I think is more meaningful. You can look at life and family from a different perspective so it was very good and sad at the same time, but I think it was good that there were many parts where there could be laughter as well. I hope that through the narration I perform, it will give a little hope to those who hear it.”


Source: news and photo-The Star 

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