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Adjustment & Understanding Tune The Right Love Frequency On “Radio Romance” 6th Week

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As the hearts of Radio Romance love birds jell together with mutual trust, they prepare to work together to resolve love and career barriers.

This week’s chapter of Radio Romance played on a safe spot in preparation for the war declared by the lead man. The villains who have been instinctively theatrical with their misplaced grudges officially secured the highest level of greed they could possibly achieve in the story.

Team Radio Romance tries to bounce back with as little help from their top star DJ as possible, but the kind gesture disappoints the DJ, whose life has been about being the last person to know if there are news about him.

Radio Romance Episode 11

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Radio Romance Episode 11 & 12 Recap

Trapped from his mother’s manipulation, Soo Ho shows up to the drama’s media presentation, breaking the heart of Geu Rim in the process. After appeasing her with a trust-me-kiss, he shows her the confirmation interview that he will work with the drama along with his radio show.

Soo Ho whines at how she does not believe in him. He lists down all the things he did for her and for the radio show, which she seems not to be appreciating. She knows well how to silence his griping by planting a sweet kiss on his lips. The boy-in-love, who can’t contain his happiness from her sudden sweet attack, relents on ignoring what just happened and let her go home with a grin.

Radio Romance Episode 11

As expected, Soo Ho brightens up and gets even more determined to chase away Geu Rim’s fears. The next day, he officially meets the drama production executives to discuss his conditions so he can finally acquiesce to their offer.

Unable to reach his lady love, Soo Ho uses PD Lee so she can be dragged to his crib. The latter offers apology for assuming that he does not keep his words.

Soo Ho sneaks in to bring Geu Rim in his room and confronts why she has been averting his calls. He begs her to be mindful of it in the future or he will have to plan crazy ways so that he can see her.

PD Lee finds the same strange post cards sent to the station claiming bad things about Soo Ho. Resident mood breaker Tae-ri marches to the scene complaining about the drama deal that she still can’t get because of Soo Ho. Her rage diverts to Geu Rim, blaming her for causing all the troubles.

Soo Ho stoically listens to her impossible demands as she warns him of drawing her last card so he will be forced to work with her. PD Lee drives back home in a sour mood from the encounter and reminds his mentee not to let other people throw bad words at her. He receives a call from station manager notifying that their program will be officially cancelled.

The station manager is powerless to resist the decision by the upper management so PD Lee decides to meet Soo Ho’s mother, CEO Nam, to revert her request to the network’s top executives. The evil mom naturally refuses to concede so the director resolves to planning a counterattack.

Radio Romance Episode 11

The trio meet up for a drink and deliver the news to Soo Ho that Radio Romance will be temporarily halted. PD Lee and Geu Rim agree not to tell the latter that it was his mom’s doing.

Geu Rim pretends to be unaffected of her fallen dream. But when the alcohol kicks in, she blabs about her disappointment for losing the job she loves so much. The two men settle to a fist fight outside after another dispute involving Geu Rim. When Soo Ho learns that his woman will be sleeping alone in the house, he refuses to go home and sleeps in with PD Lee.

The next day, Soo Ho meets with the drama team to discuss the filming details, but the actor’s mind keeps wandering on Geu Rim’s date with the PD.

Tae Ri makes her move after securing an old recorder of Soo Ho’s confession about his true relationship with his stepmother, and threatens CEO Nam that she will use it against them.


After his drama meeting, Soo Ho calls Geu Rim, who is in deep thoughts reminiscing her memories of him. He summons her to meet him in the hotel, and catches her off guard when he asks her to stay with him. Nervous on being alone with him, she finds an excuse to go out, but goes back in to the room when she learns that the villain-writer and her ex-husband-PD are headed to her direction.

Soo Ho decides to drive her home, but then they meet Tae Ri who mocks them from coming out of a hotel room. The crazy villain lays her card to threaten Soo Ho, but the latter responds nonchalant of her blackmailing.

Radio Romance Episode 12

PD Lee stages a rally against the unfair treatment that his team received, and also uses media in exposing negative news about CEO Nam’s entertainment agency’s artists.

Soo Ho finally learns that the show was cancelled because of him, and feels apologetic, at the same time, betrayed for not knowing what has been happening. He hurries to see his mother and gives her an ultimatum that he will leave the company.

Geu Rim waits for Soo Ho in the cold winter knowing she has let him down. Soo Ho reveals how he is scared that she might leave him so when he asks her to lend her hands, she gladly obliges when he puts her hands and slides her arms to feel her embrace.

Radio Romance Episode 12

Soo Ho cuts a deal with the station manager to revive the show, but no time slot is available. When he meets the team and learns that they will be on a 4AM spot, his pride won’t allow him to do a show on a time when people won’t bother to listen. Geu Rim calls him in after a bad dream for a date to make him feel how people moves during daybreak.

Radio Romance Episode 12

They hold hands while taking a ride on a bus, and stare at the people getting ready to start a new day. Unsure if their star DJ will appear for the program, Geu Rim heaves a sigh of relief when Soo Ho appears 10 minutes before the airing.

After the show, the love birds head to the parking lot, mumbling about the places they will go together. Soo Ho opens the car door for Geu Rim, but just as she is about to go in, PD Lee closes it.

Radio Romance Ep 12

Let’s hope that PD Lee just forgot to say something because a last minute love triangle bend is not something the narrative needs at the moment. A glimpse of Soo Ho’s past was vaguely revealed again this week. Given with the remaining four episodes, viewers should expect answers on what happened to Soo Ho and his childhood friend along with who keeps sending the creepy post cards.

At this point, I’m actually okay if the secondary villain, Tae Ri, can be removed in the story without any explanation. chuckles (like next week’s episodes please) Her grudges are pointless and circling without nothing much to offer in providing the enhancement to present the good-prevails-over-evil plot. At least, the main villain’s unreasonable selfishness shows dimensions. That being said, because she wants to return the pains that she got from the father of her stepson, and at the same time she can only rely on him.

We can’t believe we are already nearing to the finale week. If it’s not too much to ask, hopefully we get all the resolutions next week just to bask on fan service for the finale chapters. Radio Romance’s fans’ dream? Maybe.

Radio Romance Episode 12

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