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Ahn Hyo Seop Talks About Working With “Thirty But Seventeen” Co-Stars Yang Sejong And Shin Hye Sun

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Ahn Hyo Seop warms our hearts as he shares nothing but nice words about working with Thirty But Seventeen co-stars Yang Sejong and Shin Hye Sun.

The actor, who recently starred in the SBS drama Thirty but Seventeen as a 19-year old high school student named Yoo Chan, shared his thoughts about the project that wrapped up recently.

“The story itself is so pretty that the script caught my eyes from the beginning. I was wondering how this script would look like on TV, but I’m glad it has been beautifully and purely expressed. It is good to see that the viewers loved it a lot,” he said.

ahn hyo seop yang sejong shin hye sun thirty but seventeen

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Besides the beautiful script, the drama won people over with its cast’s outstanding acting, especially Yang Se Jong and Shin Hye Sun’s. Ahn Hyo Seop, who personally witnessed the two actor’s marvelous talent, had nothing but praises for their abilities and thanks his two co-stars for their kindness too.

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“I’m shy when it comes to strangers, but they both came to me first and tried to help me act. I got a lot of help and I also had a lot to learn. I learned a lot by watching my seniors. The scene was a series of learning for me,” he shared.

“I was a lot comfortable with Hye Sun because she expresses her feelings comfortably. She acted well, so I felt pressured and worked harder when I acted out scenes with her,” the actor said regarding the lead actress who shone brightly in the drama as a violinist, who woke up from a coma.

ahn hyo seop thirty but seventeen

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Meanwhile, Hyo Seop shared his thoughts about Sejong, who played as his uncle Woo Jin. Despite being the nephew, it was Hyo Seop’s character Yoo Chan who had to serve as Woo Jin’s protector after his traumatic experience that haunted him for thirteen years.

“One time, I went to the shooting place and Sejong took my hand first. Is it strange?” Hyo Seop shared while laughing. “That’s how much we feel comfortable,” he added, regarding the action as an expression of affection between them.

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“In comparison, the character I played was brighter than Sejong’s and I think that he had a lot of strength when he played his role,” Hyo Seop professed.

Hyo Seop also shared how his seniors inspired him to be a better actor not just on-screen, but also off-screen.

“When I was shooting the drama, I watched my seniors Yoo Ji Won, Shin Hyesun, and Yang Sejong. They really took care of the people around me, and I thought I should become an actor who can take care of the people around me. There were a lot of pressure and preparations for the lead, but I liked to cover the people around me. I learned a lot about that,” he said.


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