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Ahn So Hee In Talks To Join Cast In New Movie ‘Single Rider’

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It is likely that actress Ahn So Hee will be making her big screen comeback in a new movie titled ‘Single Rider’!

According to industry sources, the actress is currently in the midst of reviewing her role in the upcoming film.

Single Rider is a suspense movie that centers on a man who travels to Australia to find his family, after suddenly losing everything.  It will be distributed by Warner Brothers, and the film will be directed by a rookie director.

Earlier reports about Single Rider confirmed actor Lee Byung Hun and actress Gong Hyo Jin‘s involvement with the film. Lee will act as the father, who heads to Australia to find his family. Meanwhile, Gong will play his wife, who lives in Australia with their child.

If Ahn So Hee accepts the casting offer, she will be playing an important character that meets Lee by accident during his journey.

The former Wonder Girls member has shown her talent in acting by starring in the tvN drama Heart To Heart, and the zombie movie Busan Bound. She is expected to further her acting career through the impending film Single Rider.

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