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“Along With The Gods” Dethrones “A Taxi Driver” As 2017 Highest Grossing Film

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24 days after its released, Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds claimed the 2017 box office crown from critically acclaimed film A Taxi Driver.

Crowd-drawer Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds secured the 9th spot of All-time South Korean highest grossing film while securing the top grosser honor for movies released in 2017.

Along With The Gods

photocredit: Lotte Entertainment

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From the latest data accumulated through Korean Film Organization website, as of January 12, Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds has amassed 12,225,716 admissions making it the top blockbuster film of 2017, and the current 2018 box office leader after crossing the 10-million mark early this week.

Along With The Gods has been stirring buzz even before its local release due to the A-list film actors participating in the movie. The visually appealing cinematography, powered by state-of-the art computer generated imagery (CGI), fuses popular Korean mythology about reincarnation. The hero of the movie journeys to the underworld in 49 days, with afterlife guardians protecting him as he faces 7 trials derived from 7 deadly sins, which are dependent to the deeds he incurred as a human being.

Along With The Gods The Two Worlds

Along With The Gods is currently screening nationwide in South Korea. It has been sold to 12 Asian countries, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, the Philippines, Cambodia and Laos at the Asian Film Market. It was also pre-sold to 90 nations at the American Film Market last month.

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