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“Along With The Gods” Beats “Train To Busan” And “Taegukgi” With 12 Million Viewers

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Along with the Gods is dominating South Korean cinemas!

South Korean fantasy drama film Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds continues its impressive run as it surpasses the 12 million mark in viewership on its 23rd day at the local theaters.

The film, which premiered in South Korea on 20 December 2017, has beaten the 2016 hit movie Train to Busan and the 2004 war film Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War.

Train to Busan recorded 11.57 million tickets in its run in 2016, while Taegukgi was viewed by 11.74 million people in 2004. But, Along with the Gods moved past the two films, and is now the 10th most-viewed film of all time in South Korea.

The fantasy drama film, based on a popular webtoon of the same title, revolves around a righteous firefighter Kim Ja Hong, who goes into seven trials in 49 days after his death to find out how he spent his life.

On its first day of release, Along with the Gods has already displayed a strong run in theaters. It attracted more than 420,000 viewers and grossed about US$2.9 million. By its third day, it already surpassed the one-million-viewer mark.

Along with the Gods starred Cha Tae Hyun as Kim Ja Hong, Ha Jung Woo as Gang Rim, Ju Ji Hoon as Haewonmak, and Kim Hyang Gi as Dukchun. The cast also includes supporting characters, portrayed by Lee Jung Jae, Kim Dong Woo, EXO’s D.O, Im Won Hee, Ma Dong Seok, among others.

Along with the Gods

A still from the film released by Lotte Entertainment

Aside from South Korea, the film is expected to open in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar this month. A second installment is expected to hit the theaters this summer.

Meanwhile in the Philippines, Viva International Pictures is also set to bring the blockbuster film to the country on January 31. Visit its Facebook page for more details.

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