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Amber, Bam Bam and Henry to Join Jackson on ‘Roommate’

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On February 13, Park Sang Hyuk PD, who is in charge of SBS′ Roommate, revealed that f(x)’s Amber, GOT7’s Bam Bam and  Super Junior-M’s Henry will be making their appearances as guests on the coming episode of the show.

The trio spent a joyful time together in the Roommate share house in Seongbukdong, Seoul, and have finished filming for the show with cast member GOT7’s Jackson.

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Despite being under different agencies, Amber, Bam Bam, Henry and Jackson have been close friends since their pre-debut time, partly due to the fact that they are all non-Korean K-pop artists.

The PD said: “On this day, they talked about how foreigners see Korea. They also shared things that didn′t make sense to them while living in Korea. Park Jun Hyung joined in on the conversation as well.”

With the episode scheduled to be broadcast in March, fans can look forward to interesting stories brought by these idols.


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