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Aziatix holds first official TV performance on KBS2

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R&B global sensation Aziatix has been tearing up the international music scene since their debut in early 2011. With a string of viral hits, four album releases, and a win at the 2011 MAMA‘s in Singapore; the group shows no signs of stopping. Today, the members of Aziatix had their first official television appearance on Yoo Hee Yeol‘s Sketchbook that airs on KBS2.



The group’s opened up their segment with a live performance of their hit rock version of Be With You. Dressed to the nines; Eddie Shin, Nicky Lee, and Flowsik gave a break-out performance to the cheers of the fans in attendance.



After their performance they had a interview segment with Yoo Hee Yeol, where they discussed several topics including how the group was formed. Included in the interview was a quick performance of each of the members’ vocal talent, including a rendition of Look At Me Now by Flowsik. The group ended their segment with a performance of their debut track GO.



Almost instantly, Aziatix became the number one searched topic on Nate and Did you guys catch Aziatix’s Korean television debut?

Photo and Sources: Converse Korea, Aziatix

Video: Aziaddicted

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