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K-Variety Premiere: Baekhyun, Jinyoung, Kang Daniel & Others Fuel “Master Key”

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Master Key brims with fun and excitement for its pilot episode!

Master Key

Powered by hot K-idol stars, the anticipated game show Master Key kicked off on October 14, and we are happy to report that the show is nicely conceived with enough room to tweak the neat and fun format.

Not that they need it since the free flow variety show already takes its strength from the celebrity players.

Master Key

To provide comic relief and direction, reliable comedians Lee Su Geun, Jun Hyun Moo, Kim Jong Min and Park Sung Kwang take charge on the hosting and adlibs.

Actresses Jo Bo Ah and Kang Han Na neutralize the male-dominated cast as dashing idols Baekhyun (EXO), Jin Young (B1A4), Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel and Ong Seung Woo, Astro’s Cha Eun Woo, and Henry provide the irresistible star powers and charms.

Master Key


Pilot Episode Recap

The lavish setting completed with red carpet welcomes the 12 player guest of Master Key. The comedians take charge in breaking the awkward air as the popular idols easily grope their way to lighten up the set.  The players warm up as they hunt for keys scattered in the area as directed by the game master.

Skilled treasure hunter Kang Daniel easily finds the keys, and even gives it to idol hyungs Seung Woo and Jinyoung.  When all are able to find their keys, they enter a grand room where the announcement of the game rules are discussed.

Master Key

The game master announces that among the keys that they have chosen are two master keys which will open a prize chest. Divided into two groups, the final goal is to determine the players holding the master keys, and for them to feign ignorance that they have it for them to secure the victory.

Clues are given to the teams which will clear the games. For the first game, the red and black teams are tasked to do a timed dance showdown.

Master Key

The first round for Team Red (Jin Young, Baek Hyun, Daniel, Bo Ah, Su Geun and Sung Kwang) fails to beat the 100 mark by 4 seconds.

Baek Hyun, who leads the team and who also won a golden card as the getter of most votes by the watchers, gets a wet surprise as cold water is poured on him after missing the beat.

Upon knowing the tied-up punishment, Team Black (Hyun Moo, Jong Min, Henry, Seung Woo, Eun Woo and Han Na) forces Henry to take the lead, citing he is a musical genius. Reluctant Henry is left with no choice, and unfortunately fails the mission.

A few rounds are played as the opposing teams distract each other. But clever Jin Young successfully beats the tone at 100 seconds.

Team Red secures a clue and calls in members of the other team to check if their keys are the wanted keys. They discover Hyun Moo, Seung Woo and Jong Min’s keys to be safe.

After the physical game, it’s time for the players to work their wits in a quiz show, with suggested questions from Master Key fans raised about the celebrities.

Team Red wins it again, and secures the first owner of the Master Key who turns out to be Henry.

For the final game, they play the flower blossom game, where the boys hide in umbrellas of different sizes to get to the girl from their team. Again, Team Red notches the win with a bonus sweet dreamlike moment for Baekhyun and Bo Ah.

Master Key

The final win gives an edge for Team Red.  They summon Han Na and Eun Woo to check if one of their keys is the other part of the puzzle they are working on.  The revelation is positive so Baekhyun draws his gold card to nail the final answer to the mystery.

The group goes back to the Master Key boardroom as they vote for who they think are the secret key keepers.  The votes are casted, and Cha Eun Woo is uncovered to be the owner of the second key.

Master Key

Team Red emerges as the first winners of golden keys after the chest prize was opened.

Upcoming episode features a new set of idols to stabilize the show’s premise, including Lee Hong Ki, Eun Hyuk, Shownu, Chansung, Chaegyung, and more.

Master Key

I like the grounded and old school game show set up of Master Key since it brings out the natural personalities of guest celebrities that I’m sure viewers look forward to.

If you are on a variety show break, now is the time to let loose and enjoy couch bumming with this new delightful show.

Master Key airs at SBS every Saturday.

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