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‘BIGBANG: MADE’ Film Is Now Korea’s Most Watched Music Documentary

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BIGBANG is making music history left and right.

The group recently released its own music documentary film, titled BIGBANG: MADE, in celebration of the quintet’s 10th debut anniversary. Within two weeks of the movie’s release, MADE has already been seen by more than 50,000 people. This makes it the highest-grossing music documentary in the Korean music history.


By the time of writing, MADE had brought in 70,000-strong audience, as well as in Japan. There are currently plans to bring the film to international cinemas, with Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong being a possible list of locations where MADE will be released.

Meanwhile, the group will hold an exclusive concert, titled ‘BIGBANG10 THE CONCERT 0.TO.10’ on August 20 to commemorate its 10th debut anniversary. The event will be held at Seoul World Cup Stadium. In order to accommodate more fans,  it was reported that the concert hall would hold up to 60,000 seats.


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