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BIGBANG’s T.O.P To Star In New Film Alongside Cecelia Cheung, Michael Trevino

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T.O.P is currently in Germany to film for his new movie.


The BIGBANG member is coming back to the big screen after 2 years with a new Chinese-Korean film titled Out of Control. He will star alongside Chinese actress Cecilia Cheung, who is also set to return to the big screen after 4 years with the film.

T.O.P has headed to Germany on March 31 as the filming will take place in the country. Due to the filming schedule, he will be missing out on BIGBANG’s fan meeting tour in Japan this month.

The action movie Out of Control is about a Korean SWAT agent who attempts to save a China top star (played by Cecilia Cheung), who has fallen into a web of conspiracy. The story between the duo will unravel from there.

The Vampire Diaries‘ star Michael Trevino will be participating in the film as well.

Foto: ©2016 TOM TRAMBOW Projekt: „OUT OF CONTROL“ actionconcept Dream of the dragon pictures co.LTD Distribution: HUAXIA FILM DISTRIBUTION CO.LTD Producers: Stefan Retzbach, Jing Su Director: Axel Sand, Richard Lin DOP: Felix Poplawsky Line Producer: Hendrik Lam Production Designer: Bertram Strauss Costume Designer: Anna Luczak Day#10 11.03.2016 Set: “Autobahn / Tunnel” Special: Bild: 135 Lucy crawls over the roof – Tang Su is driving and watching. 139 Lucy on the engine – tries to get the fuel line... 142 Lucy tries to get the fuel line... – Tang Su veers right – they hit cement bags. Cast: 01. Lucy Lin - Cecilia Cheung 05. Tang Su - Angelina Fei 101. Double Lucy Lin - (Swantje) - 105. Double Tang Su (Claudia) - ------- Drehfrei: 02. 03. 04. 07. 08. 09. 18. Tour Guide Berlin - Stephan Bieker 22. Heli Co – Pilot - Elck - Dt. Helikopter 101. Double Lucy Lin - (Vietzke) 101a 2nd Double Lucy Lin (Claudia) 102a Double Tom (Knobi) 102b. Double Tom - Stunt double - Fabian Ennser. 104 Double Lazard (Branko) 132. Police Truck Driver - Stunt dept.

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