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A Blind Date Haven Highlights tvN’s New Variety Show “Cafe Amor”

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“Your date has been served!” — such a catchy invitation from tvN’s Cafe Amor!

The new tvN variety show, Cafe Amor, sets up a coffee house to cater people who have reserved a blind date.

Cafe Amor

The special “blind date” cafe is situated in Samcheong-dong, Seoul, a famous trendy neighborhood. The cafe is temporarily managed by the production team.

The location was picked to add an air of romantic ambiance to set the love mood for the participants vying to find love.

A celebrity cast which include actress Yoo In Na (Goblin), singer Lee Juck, comedian Yang Se Hyung and K-pop idol SF9‘s Rowoon will be the cafe’s designated crew.

Cafe Amor

Based on the applications garnered from South Korean citizens online, the production team matches the ideal types of the men and women who sent their information.

Then, they will be set up for a blind date at Cafe Amor where coffee and desserts will be served by the celebrity servers.

Cafe Amor intends to differentiate the program from stereotypical dating TV shows by featuring ordinary people.

By doing so, viewers can relate easily since the participants would appear like a typical friend that viewers have in their lives.

“We will feature ordinary people who are like our friends,” the production director said. “The matching is derived from the comparison of the applicants’ ideal types. We sought help from matchmaking professionals to procure a database.”

As a venue for a possible romance to bloom, the show will not force the participants to become a couple. If they do match, then, the couple can return on the coffee shop for free.

The producer expressed confidence that the participants would be able to act freely in the venue by citing how love-seeking people would forget about the cameras once their attention and conversation delve deeper during a setup date.

Cafe Amor will be serving dates on Sundays at 10:30 p.m. on tvN.

Check out the delightful videos on the show’s premiere on April 1.


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