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Experience ‘Crossroads’ Of Life With These K-Dramas On ONE HD Malaysia

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These bite-sized dramas are full of hearts!

This March, celebrate life, and all of its ups and downs with ONE HD Malaysia’s ‘Crossroads’ – a series of two-episode dramas that explore the experience of life itself.

These bite-sized dramas will take viewers through an emotional roller-coaster ride through the joy of reunion, bitterness of separation, and sorrow of loss.

Featuring heart-warming, inspirational storylines and powerful acting from dramas like Mystery Freshman and The Ace, ‘Crossroads’ is a series that’s not to be missed.

1. Mystery Freshman

Premieres 2 March,  airs Thursday – Friday at 8.10pm

Synopsis | A-Young fails to enter her dream university Myungsung University again. In order not to disappoint her family, she lies to them that she got admitted in. Her cousin, who manages to get in, decides to play truant, and asks A-Young to take her place instead. Taking up her cousin’s identity, A-Young meets a male freshman, Min Sung, who carries a secret. Will their lies be exposed?

2. Kidnapping Assemblyman Mr. Clean

Premieres 9 March, airs Thursday – Friday at 8.10pm

Synopsis |  A corrupt assemblyman is trying to drive out the residents of an old residential area. To further line his pockets, he intends to tear down all the houses, and build a big complex over it. However, the poor residents cannot afford to let that happen. Three desperate neighbours put their heads together, and they decide to kidnap him. Will their crazy scheme go according to plan?

3. I Am After You

Premieres 16 March, airs Thursday – Friday at 8.10pm

Synopsis |  An ambitious poor college student, Hee Tae, starts his own website business, Angel Fund. Unexpectedly one of the users gets involved in an incident, and the police starts to investigate Angel Fund. Unaware of this, a rich, successful college student, Ki Ho, eyes on Angel Fund, and decides to work together with Hee Tae.

What will happen as the police investigation continues?

4. Life Tracker Lee Jae Goo

Premieres 23 March, airs Thursday – Friday at 8.10pm

Synopsis |  A lawyer without much morals, Lee Jae Goo, only takes on small cases due to his fear of failure as he had failed his bar exam. One day, he meets a new client, whose spouse was a victim in an industrial accident. Taking on this complex case will start making him question his ways and change his life forever.

5. The Ace

Premieres 30 March, airs Thursday – Friday at 8.10pm

Synopsis |  Gu Hyung Woo is an outstanding lawyer of a major firm. Unable to tolerate the court’s biasness against the poor and powerless, he defends people who are clearly at a disadvantage against the rich and powerful, making sure they are rightfully represented in court. Together with his coworkers, they fight for justice and bring balance back into the courtrooms.

But wait – There’s More!

Aside from Crossroads, ONE HD has plenty more on the channel to keep you entertained. There’s a little something for everyone – if you’re a fan of historical dramas, travel back in time to the Goryeo Dynasty with The Great Doctor.

Celebrities on Law Of The Jungle explore Sumatra and learn a few handy survival skills, while Hyuna invites fans to join her in her everyday life as she tackles schedules and album preparations.

6. The Great Doctor

Premieres  16 March, airs Monday – Friday at 5.40pm

Synopsis |  ‘The Great Doctor’ is a fusion historical drama about the love story of a warrior from the Goryeo Dynasty and a female doctor in the present day. Kim Hee Sun takes the role of the female doctor, and Lee Min Ho plays the role of the king’s body guard.

7. Law Of The Jungle In Sumatra

Premieres 14 March, airs every Tuesday at 11.00pm

Synopsis | Celebrities Kim Byung Man, Kim Se Jeong, Shin (Cross Gene), and Jo Se Ho shed their superstar images to travel to primitive places, and learn how to survive on their own; experiencing life with the locals.

8. Hyuna’s Free Month

Premieres 20 March, airs every Monday at 6.55pm

Synopsis | Get a peek into the busy life of a K-pop idol singer, Hyuna, as she returns with her third solo EP album, ‘A Talk’, and the accompanying lead single, ‘Red’. Follow her behind the scene as she juggles her work schedules and her personal life in the month before the release of the album.

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