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Dancing High Episode 3 Recap: Teams Just Jerk, Seunghoon & Hoya Flaunt Dance Stages

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Dancing High is addictive and therapeutic!

At the third episode of Dancing High, the stakes are already high for 35 teen dancers to protect their groups by hitting the best score on the first dance mission.

Dancing High Episode 4


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Teams Just Jerk, Seunghoon, Lia Kim, Hoya and Gikwang gear up for their dance numbers following the first dance challenge concept. A special battle of the five groups’ ace units adds another element to decide which team remains victorious and which team has to let go of its members.

Dancing High Teen Episode 3 Recap

Five Stages To Prepare

Fresh from the sweet high of being chosen to participate in the dance battles, the five teams break their starting points to begin their journey of discovering the extent of their talent in dancing.

Episode 3 takes the competing teams to power stages with a special theme – “teenager”. A group performance and ace unit stage have to be prepared to earn points needed for them to keep their teams intact. Special guest judges who are summoned to help the live viewers in scoring include K-pop industry dancers – J-Black, TWICE’s Momo, Chungha, Ha Hui Dong, and UNB’s Feeldog and Euijin.

With roaring cheers from the audience, the five teams fire up their way with cool introductory dances, signaling the gritty matches to outperform each other.

Dancing High

(Screen capture from Viu PH)

Team Just Jerk Stage

Si Hyun, the youngest and the top ranked teen during the audition, joins Tae Goon, Min Jae1, Min Jung, Jin Wook, Jun Seo, and Min Jae2 to prepare for David Guetta’s 2U. Just Jerk coaches teach key notes for the members to pop their movements to the beat flow.

Dancing High Episode 3

During the interim check, the coaches go on a mental breakdown, because the team came up with a routine that is just less than a minute. After some pep talks to push for what they are capable of, the members regroup and divide the music by parts to practice and frost it with a special item – wearing a mask.

Dancing High Ep 3

Clad in white clothing and silver masks, Team Just Jerk slays their music with synchronized dance moves, earning them a high score of 92. Ha Hui Dong and TWICE’s Momo praise the synchrony and unity of the group. Also noticing their excellent visual expression, J-Black who seems to be the hardest coach to please, leaves them valuable lesson to feel more the rhythm and the beats of the music.

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Team Seunghoon stage

WINNER’s Seunghoon is the epitome of boot camp leader you want to have. *chuckles

Fetched by a special van, his team heads to YG Entertainment building to start their practice for Sia’s “Move Your Body”. While the team members eat the food prepared from the famed YG cafeteria, he announces fulfilling his initial promises to his team and throws in perks for members Dong Gyo, Chang Yi, Da Bin, Jung Hee, Ji Wan, Soo Hyun and Bo Hyun, including signed BLACKPINK CDs, dance practice outfits and free pass to YG gym.

Dancing High

Like an uncle on a babysitting task for his nieces and nephews, he makes sure to meet their needs from food to order, to playing their music while they practice, and even getting a nearby lodging for team members who live outside Seoul. We know right? His team members are so doted.

For their performance, Seunghoon wants his kids to present two concepts – “outcast” and “violence”. However on the interim check, he is worried how “teenage violence” emotion appears not to be streaming of what his team prepared.

Team Seunghoon utilizes a chair to represent “loneliness” and successfully pictured the emotions of teenagers, who find dancing as an outlet to fight off the feeling of being unwanted and isolated, earning a unanimous applause from the venue voters. The panel of judge particularly likes how the emotions were delivered loud and clear because of their amazing visual expressions.

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#댄싱하이, #이승훈팀 팀배틀 단체 무대 ?? ♬ Sia – Move your body 역시나 표현력이 남달랐던승훈팀의 일곱개의 빛나는 별 북.두.칠.성 ⭐#오동교 #송찬이 #임다빈 #예주희 #서지완 #장수현 #김보현?이 무대 보고 이어서 9/28 금 밤11시10분 KBS2 본방사수!{진행 중 이벤트}1️⃣서포터즈 HIGH5 모집 ??️⃣팀 에이스 투표 ??️⃣파이널 무대 방청 신청 ??

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Trying to hide extreme agitation for the kids who are set to burn the stage, he murmurs being okay whatever the score is – only to make us laughed out loud when he burst in a screaming happiness binge after Team Seunghoon soared high with 95 points.

Team Hoya

Labeled as the “visual group”, Team Hoya has a balanced co-ed performers. NCT’s Ji Sung teams up with Eun Min, Hyeon Woo, Yun Joon, Dong Hyun, Se Hyun and Joon Hee to sketch “teenage love” through “New Rules” by Dua Lipa.

Coach Hoya treats his news adopted kids to a samgyupsal feast and proclaims a free pass to visit his brother’s restaurant anytime.

Dancing High

On the interim check, Hoya, tagged as the most competitive among the coaches, is expressionless with the road blocks happening in the team. They have less than a week left to polish their presentation, with only less than half of the song choreographed due to the missing group members on practices because of their schedules.

Not wanting to disappoint their coach, Team Hoya rises to the occasion and finds time and ways to come up with a superb number that washed away the woes of their coach after seeing their dance routine on the pre-show stage check.

Dancing High

“We are going to show you how strong we can be as teens.”

True to that promise, the team fires up a sleek performance coupled by strong synergy. J-Black lauds how each member’s character is presented well and personally picks the performance as his favorite giving out a high score of 95. However, they are short of two points behind Team Seunghoon from the average judge score tally of 93.

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Posted by KBS 예능 on Friday, 21 September 2018

Next week, Team Lia Kim and Gikwang will flaunt their dance numbers along with the ace unit battle.

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