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Dancing High Teen Episode 7 Recap: “Dancing High Teen” Gears Up For The Final Showdown

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Dancing High Teen mentors and contestants release some tensions as they take part in a freestyle dance battle before their final performances.

Dancing High Teen

Dancing High Teen episode on October 19 showed the intensity of teams Lia Kim, Just Jerk, Hoya, Gikwang and Seung Hoon as they participated in the preliminary dance challenge – the final battle support fund.

J-Black, Honey J and Dance Differ were assigned to determine the winner between Teams Lia Kim and Just Jerk as they face each other.

Meanwhile, Judges Ha Hui Dong, Seul Gi of Red Velvet and Song Byung Hyun were in assessment duties for Teams Hoya, Gikwang and Lee Seung Hoon.

Dancing High Teen Episode 7 Recap

Before the final dance battle commence, teams enter the stage showcasing their respective team’s identity through quick dance numbers. Coaches also give a few words of encouragement and reflections on their Dancing High Teen journey.

Host Jung Hyung Don announces that they have conducted an online poll on which team viewers expect to win and Team Hoya gets the most number of votes. Coach Hoya responds that he has never put so much effort in his career as a dancer and musician until he worked as mentor for his team.

Dancing High Teen

Team Just Jerk says that as they have pledged before to highlight the members’ improvement, viewers can expect to see the ultimate result in the final dance performance.

Coach Gikwang declares that his team’s ending would not be a sad one, instead it will be the opposite and he will send his team to overseas.

Dancing High Teen3

Coach Lia Kim mentions having no regrets despite placing fourth in the second dance challenge. She confidently declares they have prepared so much for the last battle and it will show how good her team is.

Lee Seung Hoon says that he just wants the contestants to perform their best. He wants them to dance not to beat others but to become all winners.

After each coach have their say, Doni introduces the judges for the final round. The introduction is special as each judge enters with their own dance routine.

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J-Black dances to “Jinusean Bomb” by Jinusean which shows off his great street dancing skills. Meanwhile, Wanna One’s Park Woo Jin grooves to Chris Brown’s “Yeah 3X”. Hoshi, Seventeen’s Choreographer, struts to Christopher’s “Bad” while Poppin Hyun Jun dances to “Jump Around” by House of Pain. Judge Ha Hui Dong flaunts his excellent b-boying skills to Beastie Boys’ “Ch-Check it Out”.

Final Battle Support Fund

The freestyle dance battle is composed of three rounds for which the winner will get funds for props and special effects to be used by their team in the final dance performance. First round will be an individual battle where four representatives from each team face each other. Second round is a team performance while the third round is about the last man standing – the last dancer to eliminate all members of the opposing will be determined as winner. MC Du Lock hosts both battles and DJ Funkyman takes over the music.

Team Lia Kim vs. Team Just Jerk

Round One

The first dancer to take the floor is Team Just Jerk’s Hwang Jun Seo while Lia Kim’s representative is Tae Woo. Team Lia Kim manages to score three consecutive points as Judges J-Black, Honey J and Dance Differ vote for them. The fourth dancers to face each other is the youngest from Team Just Jerk, Park Si Hyun against Kim Min Hyuk. They must dance another round as the first result is a tie. Eventually Min Hyuk impresses the judges and he gets another point for his team.

Round Two

Team Lia Kim bags the second round as well. Although the judges enjoy both team performances, they voted for her team as the performance shows great team work while Team Just Jerk’s number highlight individual skills.

Round Three

Kim Ye Ri is the third dancer to represent her team. With two members already eliminated from each team, she manages to win the remaining battles. The judges are impressed, particularly J-Black who expresses disbelief and awe of her b-boying skills. Her team wins all three rounds, making them one of the winners of the support battle fund.

Team Hoya

Gikwang vs. Hoya vs. Seung Hoon

This three-team battle proves to be quite hard to judge as all teams responded to the challenge.

Round One

The first battle is between Lee Wo Rim (Team Gikwang), Yang Yoon Joon (Team Hoya) and Song Chan Yi (Team Seung Hoon). Their battle ends in a tie. After the succeeding battles also end up undetermined, the final round between Yoon Joon, Seung Shik and Jung Soo Hyun heat up. However, the first-round result remains a tie.

Round Two

The unit performances are also quite interesting for these teams. Team Hoya dances cheekily to “Amor Fati” by Kim Yon Ja, creating a wild but fun atmosphere. Members of Team Gikwang execute their routine to Skrillex Remix of Bennny Bennassi’ s “Cinema” in perfect sync. While Seung Hoon’s Oh Dong Gyo and Lim Da Bin dance to Jessie J’s Bang Bang”. Judges Ha Hui Dong, Seul Gi and Song Byung Hyun split their votes, which resulted in a three-way tie.

Team Hoya (2)

Round Three

The final round gets so intense as the only remaining dancers are from Teams Seung Hoon and Gikwang.    Jang Soo Hyun and Oh Seung Min battle it out to determine the winner of the support fund. Ultimately, Seung Min out-dances Jang Soo Hyun and secure the win for his team.

Dancing High Episode 4

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Now that winners of the support fund battle have been determined, teams now get ready for their respective dance presentations.

The stage is set. Judges are ready, and studio audience are all hyped up as the coaches and participants prepares for the ultimate showdown.

Are you ready to witness the final performances? Who do you think will win Dancing High Teen’s third battle tonight on KBS?

Photos from KBS Facebook page.

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