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EXO’s D.O set to make film debut in ‘Cart’

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EXO’s D.O will be making his silver screen debut soon in the movie Cart! Directed by Boo Ji Young, Cart tells a tale about how the employees of a large discount retail store band together in combating their company’s exploitative practices.

D.O in character as Tae-Young in a scene from Cart.

D.O in character as Tae-Young in a scene from Cart. Picture:

Below is an excerpt from the film’s summary provided by the Toronto International Film Festival’s (TIFF) website:

 Sun-hee (Yum Jung-ah) is a middle-aged mother of two who works as a cashier alongside Hae-mee (Moon Jeong-hee), a single mother. Both are also friendly with Soon-rae (Kim Young-ae), a female custodian nearing retirement age, and junior manager Dong-jun (Kim Gang-woo), who is the only male representative of the store’s labour union.

When the store’s contract workers are abruptly laid off, the four band together and join their fellow employees in staging a series of increasingly impassioned protests. The typically shy and passive Sun-hee, thrust to the demonstrations’ front lines, discovers within herself untapped resources of determination and resilience — which has an unexpected effect on her relationship with her estranged son, Tae-young (played by K-pop idol D.O. in his screen debut). The workers, too, attain a deeper understanding of their situation, coming to realize not just their precarious position under the rule of their corporate employer but also the power they can wield by taking a mutual stand.


Cart, described as a ‘contemporary tale’ that is ‘fueled by an urgent sense of ongoing injustice’, will have its premiere screening during TIFF on the 7th on September, with an estimated run time of 110 minutes.

Check out the movie trailer below and share your thoughts with us about this upcoming release!

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