“Dokgo Rewind” Starring EXO’s Sehun Reveals Premiere Date This September

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The long wait is over – the web movie Dokgo Rewind starring EXO’s Sehun has finally revealed its premiere date!

The much-anticipated web movie led by EXO’s maknae Oh Sehun is officially on its way to your screens this September!

On August 20, it has been announced that Dokgo Rewind will start its run on September 7. The web movie will be aired via online platforms Kakao Page and oksusu.

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Much anticipation has been built over this web movie for many reasons. First off, it is based on a popular webtoon of the same name belonging to one of South Korea’s most popular webtoon series. The Dokgo series had garnered approximately five million views every week and earned 2.3 billion won in total sales.

The web movie’s cast has also captured the attention of many as it introduces fresh faces with its young cast who will take on an intense story. As aforementioned, EXO’s Sehun will lead Dokgo Rewind, which serves as his first major domestic acting role!

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Sehun takes on the role of Kang Hyuk, who seeks to avenge his older brother’s death caused by a school gang. The story of Dokgo Rewind will follow Kang Hyuk’s developing friendship with a former wrestler named Pyo Tae Jin, and Kim Jong Il, who is trying to leave the school gang.

Ahn Bo Hyun will play the character of Tae Jin, while Cho Byung Kyu will bring the character of Jong Il to life. Mina of gugudan will also be joining the cast as Kim Hyun Sun.

Lastly, Dokgo Rewind promises to enthrall audiences with a storyline that will have you at the edge of your seat and numerous action-packed scenes! The film showed the latter in a short teaser released on August 2, where Sehun shows off his combat skills while facing some enemies.


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