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Drama ‘Gangnam Style’ to be directed by ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Director Jeon Kisang

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Popular Korean webtoon (online comic) Fashion King will be made into a drama titled Gangnam Style, by director Jeon Kisang of hit drama Boys Over Flowers.

Director Jeon Kisang is one of the top directors of romantic comedy dramas who worked on KBS dramas Delightful Girl Choon-hyang (쾌걸 춘향), My Girl, Boys Over Flower and his most recent To the Beautiful You, which all have reached high viewership.

Jeon Kisang has taken up the new task to create Naver’s most popular webtoon Fashion King into a drama titled Gangnam Style. Many people are curious to what kind of synergy effect will happen through this drama.

They have titled it Gangnam Style since there has already been an SBS drama that was titled Fashion King, which is a totally different story from the webtoon Fashion King.

Netizens who came across the news of the upcoming drama Gangnam Style said, “Director Jeon Kisang making drama Gangnam Style, should be interesting”, “When are the casting?”, “Drama Gangnam Style.. the original webtoon was enjoyable.. wonder how the drama will be.”

Currently, the drama team is carefully going through a list of top actors and new rookie actors to select the cast for the drama. The targeted schedule to start filming is by January of 2013.

Source: news and photo-Kyeongin

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