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Epik High’s Tablo Unveils Story Behind Hit Song ‘Fly’

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In a recent episode of MBC FM4U’s Tablo and Dreaming Radio that aired on February 4, Epik High’s rapper Tablo astonished Park Shin Hye by making a phone call to the actress to ask about her thought on the collaboration between her and SALT’N PAPER in its latest song titled Perfect.

Park Shin Hye shared: “I watched SALT’N PAPER’s performance for the first time at Lee Seung Hwan’s concert. I enjoy listening to their songs and I’m happy that I participated in the new song.” She also said that she was really nervous to think about the feedback of listeners on her singing ability.

When being asked if she has any intentions to work on a new album, the unsure Park joked, “Are you going to give me a song?”

Tablo then revealed: “The song Fly from Epik High’s first album was originally written for Park Shin Hye as her debut song, after receiving a request from Lee Seung Hwan. But after we wrote the song it was so good that we included it in our album.”

Lee Seung Hwan is a veteran singer, songwriter, as well as a music producer. He has contributed to the development of K-pop culture with over 1,000 solo concerts. Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye made her debut in 2003 through Lee’s music video Flower and has since then been building her career as an actress.

The nightly radio talk show Tablo and Dreaming Radio is broadcast at 10 p.m. KST and rebroadcast via the PC or MBC mini radio.

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